Fun Ideas for Bridal Shower Gift Baskets

Bridal showers offer a lot of fun ideas and activities, from games to crafty centerpieces, to themed bridal shower gift baskets that different guests may make up and bring with them for the bride. These special gift baskets for bridal showers show a lot of creativity and thoughtfulness from the women giving the gift baskets. Sometimes it is very easy to put together a bridal shower gift basket while other times it may take a little extra time and effort, depending on your theme.

Consider these suggestions to help you create fun and memorable themed bridal shower gift baskets for the bride-to-be.

•    Laundry Themed Gift Basket for Bridal Shower – This fun shower goodie basket can be a blast to make. Get a nice quality laundry basket and include laundry detergent, fabric softener, color-safe bleach, cute clothespins and hangers, machine washable garment bags for lingerie and delicates, and other fun and assorted laundry themed goodies and gifts.

•    Shower Spice & Seasoning Gift Basket – Ask each guest of the shower ahead of time to bring their favorite seasoning or spice to help the bride start out with her own collection. Put them all together nicely in a decorative basket with a big ribbon in the wedding colors.

•    Wine Themed Gift Basket – For the bride and groom who like a little vino, a wine themed bridal shower gift basket could be just the ticket. Get a nice set of wine glasses, a corkscrew, decorative bottle stopper, and even the Vinturi wine aerator for a nice touch. Include a bottle of their favorite wine – or one white and one red if you aren’t sure – and don’t forget to enclose a small box of chocolates for a special effect.

•    Relaxation Themed Gift Basket for the Bride – While most showers focus on what the bride and groom need for their new home, it never hurts to create a relaxing bridal shower gift basket especially for the bride. Include relaxing items like scented candles or incense, lotions, bubble bath, eye mask or eye pillow, and a gift certificate to a local spa.

•    Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets Gift Basket – Put together a fun gift basket for the bridal shower with kitchen items like all the spoons, tongs, and spatulas the couple has requested. Include the measuring cups, measuring spoons, and other fun kitchen utensils and don’t forget a ribbon with a nice, big bow.

•    Bridal Registry Gift Basket – Make up a special bridal shower gift basket containing any of the smaller items on the couple’s bridal registry. Since they already picked out exactly what they want to receive, they are sure to love it!

These are just a few fun bridal shower goodie baskets to consider making up for the bride. What other ideas do you have? Please share them in our comments below so all can enjoy and benefit from your ideas!


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