10 Positive Things to Say to Keep Yourself Motivated toward Your Goals

What things do you normally say to yourself in order to get motivated? Do you say positive things that motivate you towards your goals or do you say negative things to yourself that pull you down? When you talk to yourself, try to remain positive minded. Remember that any words you say to yourself can be very helpful and may also be the most impactful. There are several positive things to say to yourself in order to become more upbeat so you can experience life in a simpler way, have more fun, and also become successful. This is a helpful tip that you should always keep in mind. The following are 10 positive things to say when you talk to yourself or try to psych yourself up.

“I Love You” – You must first have something to be able to give it in return. It is therefore very important to love yourself so that you can love others. Even if you don’t feel that love yourself, you should keep saying it because the subconscious mind will not differentiate the reality from what is imagined. So when you tell yourself “I love you” several times a day, you will accomplish it since this is the first step forward. This is especially important if you have feelings of sadness or possibly depression. (Of course, you should see a specialist if you become too sad and depressed.)

Ask yourself, “What did I do well?” – You should ask yourself this question even on a bad day when all things seem to have gone wrong. Even when you got the kids off to school late and also went to work late, this question will seem easier to answer. Rewind the happenings of the day in the office and even at home and analyze them.

You can also ask “How do I feel right now?” – This is one of those positive things to say so that you can get into your mind and discover your emotions. Find out why you feel great, stressed, or whatever it is that you are feeling so that you can adjust accordingly. Look at things from a different perspective and do away with stress, which wears you down physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Other positive things to say to yourself are “That simply went wrong due to the bad weather” (or another cause and effect relationship). This will encourage you even after things went wrong. You should not blame yourself for anything that went wrong. You are a positive person, so explain bad things by externalizing them. You can also say “That part of the plan did not work well, but…” – it gives you hope to keep on keeping on. Positive thinkers say “It was rough for only an hour or two.”

Other positive things to say to you are; “I’ve done this very well this time.” This gives you the motivation to keep moving forward. “My car broke down, but the trip was great fun.” Never wear yourself down with things that did not actually affect your day much. “My business has really taken off.” All these are positive things to say that will make life even more worth living.

You can also say “I rock at…” or “I am chasing my dreams” to keep yourself in an uplifted mood. When you have positive things to say to yourself, you are working to improve your personal relationships as well. You will always be there for yourself and your friends, even during the darkest times in your life.

This is a good way of being your own cheerleader. Always explain things to yourself in positive talk. Avoid saying words to yourself like “I can’t,” “Never,” More problems,” and “Impossible.” A positive thinker should always ignore the unimportant things in life. They do not allow themselves to get bored and normally laugh often. They also keep a log of their breakthroughs and also read success stories. All these are positive things that will keep you motivated towards your goals.


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