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101 Baby Shower Themes – Creative, Cute, and Clever!

Baby showers can be lots of fun when you take the time to plan all the details. Check out these 101 baby shower themes to help you plan a perfect shower for the mom-to-be. No matter if you are planning a baby shower for a surprise baby, a boy, a girl, or twins, you can certainly find a creative baby shower theme to match. Keep in mind all the fun party themes from your own childhood and the current trends in characters and party ideas.

Looking for some ideas for gifts and prizes for a baby shower? Spend some time browsing your favorite discount stores and online shops to find themed items to make the baby shower dynamic and exciting. You can really have a lot of fun planning baby shower games and activities, coordinating a theme, and putting all the pieces together for a perfect baby shower.

Consider these fun and creative baby shower themes for your boy baby shower, girl baby shower, surprise baby shower, or ‘twins’ baby shower.

Baby Shower Themes for Surprise or Gender Neutral

1.    Jungle Animals baby shower theme
2.    Elephant baby shower theme
3.    Zebra baby shower theme
4.    Giraffe baby shower theme
5.    Monkey baby shower theme
6.    Duck baby shower
7.    Rubber Ducky baby shower theme
8.    Owl baby shower
9.    Turtle theme
10.    Frog baby shower
11.    Bunny baby shower
12.    Baby animals theme
13.    Safari theme
14.    Farm animals theme
15.    Under the Sea theme
16.    Mickey and Minnie theme
17.    Disney baby shower theme
18.    Winnie the Pooh theme (or Baby Pooh theme)
19.    Dr. Seuss theme
20.    Sesame Street theme
21.    The Wiggles theme
22.    ABC / 123 theme
23.    Hawaiian Luau theme
24.    Nautical theme
25.    Yellow and Green theme
26.    Purple and Green theme
27.    Holiday shower – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, etc.
28.    Contemporary / Modern shower theme
29.    Wish Upon a Star theme
30.    Tea Party baby shower
31.    Garden Party baby shower
32.    Harvest theme
33.    Cabbage Patch shower
34.    Teddy Bear theme
35.    Baby Birdie theme
36.    Western theme
37.    NYC baby theme
38.    Vintage baby shower
39.    Tie Dye theme
40.    Celebrity baby shower
41.    Surprise baby theme (yellow and green with lots of question marks)
42.    Game Show baby shower theme
43.    Goodnight Moon baby shower
44.    Book theme
45.    Rocking Horse theme
46.    Nursery Rhymes theme – Old MacDonald, Little Bo Peep, Peter Cottontail, etc.
47.    Noah’s Ark baby shower
48.    Mother Goose baby theme
49.    Stork baby theme
50.    Baby Blocks theme
51.    Winter Wonderland theme
52.    Beach theme
53.    Circus baby theme
54.    Indian theme
55.    Techno baby
56.    Honeybee theme
57.    Candy Land themed baby shower
58.    Willie Wonka theme
59.    Monogram theme
60.    Sunshine theme
61.    Generic Baby Bump theme
62.    Baby Coach theme
63.    Diaper Pin theme
64.    Umbrella + Shower theme
65.    Wishing Well theme
66.    Little Footprints theme

Baby Shower Themes for Girls, Boys, and Twins…

Baby Shower Themes for Girls

67.    Everything Pink theme
68.    Hello Kitty Baby Shower theme
69.    Princess shower theme
70.    Ladybug shower theme
71.    Butterfly theme
72.    Dragonfly theme
73.    Flower theme
74.    Brown and Pink shower theme
75.    Baby girl theme (decorations with girl babies and lots of pink)
76.    Care Bears baby shower theme
77.    Rainbow Brite theme
78.    Barbie theme
79.    Fairy baby theme
80.    Polka Dot theme
81.    Hearts theme
82.    Bugs and Blossoms theme

Baby Shower Themes for Boys
83.    Everything Blue theme
84.    Brown and Blue baby theme
85.    Cowboy theme
86.    Outer Space theme
87.    Sports theme
88.    Baby boy theme (decorations with boy babies and lots of blue)
89.    Transformers baby shower theme
90.    GI Joe baby theme
91.    Thomas the Tank Engine baby theme
92.    Race Car theme
93.    Surfer theme
94.    White Rabbit / Magic Hat theme

Baby Shower Themes for Twins
95.    Peas in a Pod baby shower theme
96.    Perfect Pear baby shower theme
97.    Two of Everything!
98.    Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & Thing 2
99.    Two Little Lambs
100.    Double Footprints!
101.    Two Puppies

What other baby shower themes do you have in mind? Share them below in our comments for everyone else to enjoy as well!


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