Trends in Birth Announcements and Kids’ Birthday Invitations

When it comes to announcing the birth of your child, the birth announcements are your calling card welcoming the new bundle of joy into your family. Similarly, a child’s birthday invitation typically foreshadows the event, its theme, and the mood for your son’s or daughter’s birthday party. The trends in birth announcements and kids’ birthday invitations are always changing, with many timeless classics always available – photo cards, monograms, and more.

Whether you prefer to make your own invitations and birth announcements or wish to order your own custom invitations, consider these tips and trends on birth announcements and children’s birthday invitations.

Trends in Birth Announcements
Announcing the birth of your son or daughter is as precious a moment as they come. You’ll most certainly want to show off a snap of your little bundle of joy. Don’t forget about these other important trends in birth announcements.

“For birth announcements the trends (aside from pink and blue for genders) are including lots of browns and greys,” says Megan Harris of CardsDirect LLC, a site offering greeting cards and invitations for every occasion. “Gender neutral colors are also very popular: turquoises, yellows, oranges, etc. Birds are very in right now. Cute little birdies for birth announcements are a huge hit. We have a GREAT paper selection, called ‘ice pearl metallic,’ and this is a popular selection for birth announcements, as it is very sweet and gentle; photos print beautifully on this paper.”

Trends in Kids’ Birthday Party Invitations
Sometimes with kids’ birthdays you are at the mercy of your child’s favorite TV show or cartoon character. Party themes start while we are young and many of us continue to love themed parties right through our teenage years, into our twenties, and beyond.

“For kids’ birthday parties, the themed invitations are always a hit!” Harris says, citing the availability of nearly 300 invitations for kids’ parties, from sports parties to princess parties and even invitations specific to hosting a surprise party.

Personalizing Your Birth Announcements and Kids’ Birthday Invites
“One thing that CardsDirect offers on all birth announcements and birthday invitation is the option to upload a photo anywhere on the card, or you could even have a photo be a full bleed on the back of the invitation or announcement,” she adds. “Our excellent customer service team is around to help all customers with this awesome feature and so much more. Everyone wants to see a smiling face on invitations and announcements, so we really encourage the use of this, at no extra cost!”

Harris and others at CardsDirect encourage their customers to experiment with the available options for different designs and papers – don’t be shy.

“Be explorative and try new and unexpected options,” she says. “Our customers who are brave with what they order are always the happiest!”


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