Ship Shape and Ready to Sail – Pure Nautica Discovery

It’s the first week of July and summer has finally found the Pacific Northwest. Fitting then that I should get my hands on Nautica’s new-for-2011 Pure Nautica Discovery, a summer scent if ever there were one.

Keeping well within the brand’s wheelhouse (get it? (wheelhouse is both a nautical term for the location a ship’s steering wheel and jargon for “sweet spot” (OK, never mind, jeez))), the bottle fades from nearly clear up top to a lovely topaz blue color. Grooves at the bottom of the glass add a weight to the bottle that anchors the brushed aluminum look of the cap. It’s a smart, safe package to be sure.

So what’s it like to wear?

Top notes are nice and airy; a little citrus noise balanced with a splash of sea water. It’s not too fruity which is fine because this scent is definitely marketed towards the male half of the population. Middle notes don’t stick around long, but lavender, ginger, and coriander do make themselves known, for a while at any rate. Bottom notes, the ones that hang around all day, are surprising; sandalwood and Virginia cedar settle down to a very pleasant aroma that does not lend itself to fatigue – very important if you’ll be wearing this every day. Really, it’s like carrying around a mug of spiced summer cider. Delicious.

This is a scent devoid of all drama; perfect for someone just discovering cologne. Wear it to work, around home, and even out in the evenings. This is likely not for the connoisseur, it doesn’t really speak to a specific personality. Wonderful, then, for most of us.


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