How to Make DIY Fish Cupcakes

Adorable DIY fish cupcakeLooking to make a splash at your next party? These cute desserts are sure to be a hit with any age group! These fish cupcakes are easy to decorate and will look terrific even if you haven’t an ounce of artistic skill. Fellow party goers are sure to be impressed with this treat.

Things you will need to make these cupcakes:

– Box of cake mix or personal recipe with all the called for ingredients
Adorable Green and Orange DIY fish cupcake– Frosting
– Food Dye
– Bowls and knives to mix frosting colors and to decorate cupcakes
– M&M’s
– Milk chocolate or White Chocolate (or yogurt) covered pretzels

Step 1- Prepare and bake cupcakes according to box or recipe. Wait for cupcakes to cool before frosting the cupcakes.

Step 2- Prepare the colors of frosting that you want your “fish” to be and then frost one cupcake. Keep in mind the colors of the M&M’s that you have if you want to coordinate the frosting with the candy color. You could special order certain colors of M&M’s if you want a non-traditional M&M color. Another Adorable Blue DIY fish cupcakeidea is using multiple colored M & M’s to create a rainbow fish cupcake.

Step 3- Gently place the pretzel on the cupcake. You want to place the pretzel on less than a fourth of the cupcake. This will help keep the pretzel on the cupcake during transportation. Use a little bit of frosting to attach the pretzel to the cupcake and to ensure that it stays on. Also place a bit of frosting on the adjacent side you are putting on the cupcake so that you can attach the M&M’s to it. Two or three M&M’s should fit on top of the pretzel. Instead of a pretzel you could use fruit slices or some type of fruit roll.

Adorable Colorful DIY fishy cupcakesStep 4- Place the M&M’s on the cupcake in two lines in front of the pretzel. Be sure that you place the M&M’s down so that the side that says ‘m’ can’t be seen to the eater! Also place an M&M on top and below the pretzel.

Step 5- Place one M&M (I used brown) in place for the eye. Instead of an M&M, white frosting could be used with a dot of black frosting on top to create an eye.

Step 6- Carefully place two red M&M’s bent inward to each other to be the fish’s lips.

Voila! You created one fish cupcake! Continue the same process for each cupcake. Only make one cupcake at a time so the frosting is still fresh and the candy will stick to the cupcake and not fall off of it.

Colorful fish cupcakeIf you don’t have a cupcake tray or another type of transfer container, you can create one from a shirt box lid. Cover it in tin foil and use plastic wrap on the top after you’ve placed the cupcakes inside. You could even decorate the sides with marker or green paper to look like sea plants to create an aquarium for your fish cupcakes!

Have fun creating these delicious and adorable desserts! Use your imagination to substitute candies if you have any food allergies or simply don’t have them in your pantry.


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