Employee Gift Ideas for Birthdays, Retirement, Weddings, and Holidays

Not all employers and employees exchange gifts, so it’s sometimes tricky to find the right employee gift ideas for someone when you need them. Exchanging gifts or offering a special sentiment to a colleague or an employee can be a wonderful way to build closer relationships and better teams. If you happen to be close friends with your colleagues, it is also a nice gesture to offer a present for special life events like the birth of a child, a wedding, birthday, or their retirement.

Consider these suggestions for employee gift ideas that you can offer to anyone at your office or place of work.

Employee Gift Ideas for Holidays and Birthdays
Birthdays and holidays are a common time to give gifts to those you know. Consider these ideas for employee gifts around the holidays, as part of a Pollyanna, or for a birthday present.

•    Sweets and snacks gift basket
•    Baked goods gift basket
•    Amazon.com gift card
•    Chocolates
•    Restaurant gift certificate
•    Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks gift card

Employee Gift Ideas for Weddings
When in doubt, check the couple’s wedding registry to get ideas for what the bride and groom would like for wedding gifts. You can chip in with other employees to choose a wedding gift for your colleagues.

•    Wine backpack
•    Personalized throw blanket
•    Personalized wedding album or frame
•    Airline gift card
•    Home Depot or Lowes gift card
•    Target gift card
•    Bed Bath and Beyond gift card

Employee Gift Ideas for Retirement
Retirement is a very special time in a person’s career. Oftentimes a company will throw a small retirement party for a key employee when he or she is moving on to retirement. Other times a family may throw a special retirement party for family, friends, and colleagues. Retirement gifts can be funny or serious. Consider these employee gift ideas for retirement parties.

•    Airline or travel gift cards
•    A watch or clock
•    A frame or plaque
•    Golf gift certificate
•    Spa gift certificate
•    Relaxation gift basket
•    Candy and treats gift basket
•    Cash

These are just a few employee gift ideas for you to consider. If you have other suggestions for employee presents, please share them below in our comments.


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