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Tips for Finding the Perfect Ring Fit

If you’re looking to propose, ensuring the perfect ring fit is a key aspect to consider. There are a number of different ways to investigate your significant other’s ring size without her knowing, but it’s certainly a sensitive topic, so beware. If you are interested in looking at engagement rings and wedding ring designs together, that is one easy way to find the perfect ring fit. If, however, you prefer to keep your intention to propose a secret, you can try a few crafty ways to find the right fit for her ring finger.

Here are a few easy yet clever ways to ensure the perfect ring fit when you propose:

Buy your girlfriend a casual ring when you are somewhere together on vacation. Look at cute shell rings or natural stone rings – something she can wear every day without a big commitment. That should help you discover her ring size as she tries on different rings and selects one.

Buy her a ring as a gift first, and then get it sized if need be. My husband did this for me about a year or two before he proposed. Of course, this gift came with the all-important disclaimer – it isn’t what you think it is or might want it to be – but it certainly got him my ring size before he actually needed it. Of course, my fingers are super skinny so we had to get it resized like twice after that, but my engagement ring fit perfectly.

When she is not around, take a piece of string or yarn and measure the circumference of one of her existing rings. Mark the string with a marker or cut it where the measurement would be. Take this with you to the jeweler and they should be able to help you narrow down the ring sizes.

If you don’t mind someone knowing what you’re thinking, ask one of her friends or family members for her ring size. You might be able to get it on the sly.

These are just a few ideas on how you can get your girlfriend’s ring size for the perfect ring fit. Once you get the engagement ring, the wedding rings should be easy. You can look at all kinds of wedding ring designs and styles, including stackable wedding rings and vintage style rings. What other ideas do you have for ensuring a perfect engagement ring fit?


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