Wai Hope Organic Skincare Products Review – Facial Cleanser & Recharging Mist

Wai Hope Organic SkincareNatural and organic products seem to be the way to go these days. Anything that screams “Green!” generally lures in a certain crowd as well as a number of curious others. This is a good thing and may become even more prevalent in the months and years to come. Wai Hope is a relatively new line of organic skincare products that help to renew skin that has been damaged or weakened by acne, aging, the environment, medicines, and chemotherapy. The creator of Wai Hope is actually a cancer survivor who took matters into her own hands when she couldn’t find skincare products that met her needs.

Wai Hope Recharging MistVincene Parrinello, Wai Hope founder and cancer survivor, came up with a breakthrough element, Wai Restructured™ Water, containing rare Red Fijian Seaweed, Callophycus Serratus, to help combat the tendency of skin to be altered by UVA/UVB radiation, various medicines, diseases, and stress. With a special focus on providing skincare products for real, everyday people ranging from cancer patients to acne sufferers to sunbathers or even those with dry skin, the Wai Hope lineup includes organic lotions, moisturizers, peels, scrubs, and toners, among other skin-centric products. These products contain the patented water as well as truly organic ingredients that are suitable and designed for all skin types.

I received a couple of free products from Wai Hope for the purpose of my review. As if the story itself weren’t inspiring enough, I found the Seawater Recharging Mist to be a fast favorite, especially after a long car ride or a flight. The light spray and cool water molecules give a gentle and refreshing burst during your work day or whenever you need a quick pick-me-up. This mist contains too many wonderful, natural ingredients to mention, so I’ll have to refer you to the Wai Hope website here. The product does contain the feted Wai Restructured Water, making it a great item for yourself or a friend. My only concern is that the 4-oz bottle does not meet carry-on regulations, but if you tuck it inside your checked luggage, you’ll still very much appreciate the refreshing spritz of cool, healthy water when you touch down.

I also got to try out a sample size of the Pure HopeTM Organic Cleanser, which came across as an aromatherapy face wash more than anything. I genuinely enjoyed the fragrance of this face cleanser while using it in the shower. The spa-like scent is tantalizing to say the least. Ingredients include enriched BHW Complex “tea” broth, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and my favorite, soothing Coconut Milk. This product is designed to soothe and hydrate skin while gently whisking away impurities. It’s also free from parabens, formaldehydes, perfumes, resins, sulfates, and petrochemicals/silicones, according to product information.

I greatly enjoyed sampling these rejuvenating and relaxing skincare products and I am happy to stand by the brand. You may not know this, but Wai Hope’s founder lost both her parents and her sister to cancer and even had her own bout with it. Instead of sitting back, she responded by creating a product lineup that can help people with troublesome skin. Her brand also gives back to charity, donating a portion of every sale to charity. By trying out Wai Hope products, we can assist with the same. For more information, please visit www.waihope.com.


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