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10 Rainy Day Date Ideas

Bad weather often brings the need for alternative plans, so a few rainy day date ideas can really come in handy on a dreary day. Whether you are looking for romantic rainy nights indoors or rainy day activities you can enjoy during the day, you should be able to find something to do despite the disappointing weather. Consider these rainy day date ideas so you can still enjoy a wonderful date with the one you love.

Fun rainy day dates don’t have to cost a lot of money. You can find a number of rainy day activities, date ideas, and relaxing alternative plans during thunderstorms and poor weather to suit any budget. Here are a few rainy dates to consider:

Dinner and a Movie – This classic date works well rain or shine. Consider going out to dinner and then attending a movie, or put a fun spin on it for a rainy day and cook together at home, then turn on NetFlix or watch a DVD or movie on television.

Roller Skating or Ice Skating – Get some exercise at the rink despite the bad weather. Skate around holding hands or learn how to skate backwards if you don’t already know. Enjoy a soft drink or a treat following your skating session.

Wine Tasting or Beer Tasting – If you are of legal drinking age, a beer or wine tasting can be a fantastic rainy date idea. Go to your nearest winery, brewery, or micro-brewery to enjoy whatever’s uncorked or on tap. If you aren’t of legal drinking age, consider going to your favorite diner for a custom milkshake or other treat.

Playing at an Arcade – Whether you like the old-fashioned arcades or the Dave & Buster’s type scene, an arcade brings out the kid in you and lets you have a great time no matter what the weather. Go out for pizza before or after your game playing!

Jazz Club or Coffeehouse – Check out your local jazz club or open-mic nite at your local coffee house for a romantic evening with a mysterious mood that meets the weather.

Comedy Club – For a few laughs and a few drinks, checkout a nearby comedy club. You can go with your significant other or plan a ground date with some other couples.

Concert or Live Music – Live music can be a fun date idea for any season. While outdoor music is a longtime favorite for some, you can still find great bands playing at local bars, as well as concerts at local venues.

Shopping – Hit up the mall or your local retail outlets for a fun and productive rainy day date idea. You can window shop or actually buy some of those things you’ve been wanting and needing. Be sure to leave some time for lunch or dinner on your trip.

Museums & Cultural Attractions – Visiting museums and going on a variety of tours can be a great rainy day activity to enjoy with your spouse or significant other. Learn something new and get out and do something despite the weather.

Game Night with Other Couples – When all else fails, invite your friends or neighbors over to play cards or board games. You can get a great game of Scrabble going, or The Game of LIFE, Risk, or Settlers of Catan, just to name a few. Be sure to provide snacks and drinks!

These are just a few rainy day date ideas for what you can do when it’s wet outside. Consider these ideas or share your own in our comments below.


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