Football Cupcakes – Ideas for Tailgate or Football Parties

The NFL has finally agreed on terms and preseason games are in full swing. Players are getting back into their groove and sports fans across the United States can enjoy all the action. In tandem with watching football games on television or actually going to the games, football fans are big on partying with football food, whether enjoying the game at home or tailgating in the parking lot. Main courses and side dishes range far and wide, from pork sandwiches to burgers, hotdogs, cheese steaks, crab cakes, and so much more, especially depending on what team the sports fans follow. Football cupcakes make a wonderful dessert for sports fans – consider these ideas for some fun football cupcakes!

Cupcakes are super portable and serving sized, making them a popular snack for any environment. Try these ideas for delicious and fun ideas for football cupcakes.

Football Cupcakes – Ideas to Wow Your Guests and Friends

Football themed snacks are always a hit during the sports season. Check out these fun ideas for football cupcakes:

•Bake chocolate and vanilla cupcakes to appeal to all of your guests and friends.

•Decorate your cupcakes with the logo of your favorite team.

•OR, decorate your cupcakes with logos from both teams if you have fans from both sides.

•Decorate your cupcakes with green frosting that looks like grass and use a cake decorator to make football shapes.

•Look for cupcake papers in the colors or boasting the logos of your favorite team.

•If your party is at home, place your cupcakes on a football shaped platter.

•Pack your cupcakes in shirt boxes if you don’t have a cupcake carrier.

These ideas for football treats should get you started on making your own football cupcakes to share with your guests or friends. What other ideas do you have for the perfect cupcake for tailgating or watching football at home?


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