Sweet and Romantic Things to Text or SMS to the One You Love

Sexy and sweet things to text to your crush or true loveMore and more people are using text messages to make plans, share news, and to communicate in general. Flirty text messages can help you break the ice with your crush, but be careful. Text messages can also give someone the wrong idea if a person reads into them too much. If you are in a steady relationship or bravely putting yourself on the line for your crush, you can use sweet and romantic text messages to test the waters and have a little fun in the process.

Here are a few different flirty and sweet text messages you can SMS to your love.

Flirty Text Messages to Send to Your Crush

Consider sending these flirty SMS text messages to your crush to see if he or she feels the same way:

•Hey Hottie!

•I like your dress.

•You look extra cute today.

•What’s shakin babe?

•What’s up babe?

•How’s it goin, hot stuff?

•You rub my back, I’ll rub yours?

•Wanna grab fries and a shake after (work / school)?

•Where have you been all my life?

•You’re the sweetest thing…

Sexy SMS to Send to Your Sweetheart

Consider these sexy text message ideas to send to your sweetheart’s phone:

•I like the way you say my name.

•I love the way you look at me.

•I miss your sexy face. (or I miss your cute face.)

•Meeting you was the best thing ever!

•What are you wearing right now? I’m wearing…

•You make my heart race…

•I wish you were here with me right now. I’m all alone and missing you.

Romantic Texts to Message to Your Love

Here are a few ideas for romantic text messages you can send to your longtime love:

•You are my one and only true love.

•My heart beats for you alone.

•You are my perfect match.

•I love you so much!

•You’re my favorite thing in the whole world.

•I can be your teddy bear. / You can be my teddy bear.

•You’re the best part of my day.

If you are looking for a few tips on sending flirty, sexy, or romantic texts, consider these additional tips:

•Challenge your crush to a little competition to get the sparks going while you hang out for the first time or two.

•Compliment your crush or your sweetheart. Make nice comments about clothing, hairstyle, smile, laugh, or personality.

•Text from the heart. Share your feelings honestly and openly with your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, husband, or wife.

What other flirty, sexy, or romantic texts can you think of or have you shared or received? Please share them in our comments to help everyone who reads this!


2 thoughts on “Sweet and Romantic Things to Text or SMS to the One You Love”

  1. tell him u really like him with a pation and he lights up ur world like nobody else and when yall talk u get all weak and ur speachless couse u dont wanna say the wrong thang and miss it up

  2. I love sending flirty texts, and each morning I try to send hellos, good mornings and such to my friends. Still looking for the best sweet and romantic text messages to use… 😀

    But be careful about who your sexting with!

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