Pink Beauty Product Preview

ghd pink orchid straightener-smOctober will be here before you know it and all kinds of pink products will be stocking the shelves. You can support the fight for a cure with your everyday product purchases as well as gift purchases and special items you pick out for yourself. From hair goodies to makeup, skincare products, and everything in between, the supply of girlie items offering a donation toward breast cancer research and awareness continues to grow each year.

If you are in the market for any fun beauty tools or just want to help with good cause, consider these cool pink beauty products for breast cancer awareness.

Pink Products for Hair
From shampoo and conditioner to styling products and even hair straighteners, girls can find a lot of fun pink products for healthy and beautiful hair. As one example, GHD now has a limited edition pink orchid styler, which is in collaboration with Breakthrough breast cancer and their research.

Pink Products for Skin
Skincare has come a long way to include much more than just the standard skin creams and sunblock products. Complete skin cleansing systems and skin cleansing devices are becoming more popular and some brands even participate in the breast cancer awareness donations and promotions. Clarisonic offers a pink version of their popular facial cleansing device that donates toward breast cancer charities with every purchase.

Pink Makeup Goodies
Pink Shatter by OPI will probably be the biggest hit of the 2011 pink makeup products for breast cancer awareness. OPI’s lineup of Shatter products started with its signature Black Shatter and soon evolved to include other Shatter colors like yellow, silver, and blue. The Pink Shatter is sure to be a hit with girls and women of all ages.

These are just a few of the countless pink products supporting the fight for a cure. Stay tuned for our full Pink Shopping Guide for all the greatest products whose purchase supports breast cancer research and awareness.


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