Nail Polish Colors and Trends Previewing for Spring 2012 (NY Fashion Week)

New York Fashion WeekFall is a fabulous time for new fashions, hot new nail polish colors, and new beauty treatments. Whether you’re in the mood for a salon-style manicure or pedicure boasting the new fall nail polish trends or if you prefer to do your own nails at home using the hottest nail polish colors for fall, or a cutting-edge color for spring, now is the perfect time to update your look. Consider these tips and trends on hot nail polish colors you can enjoy as a sneak peek in fall 2011 – the New York Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012 nail color preview!

Backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012, the Dashing Diva hot nail polish colors and trends previewing for the coming spring season included a series of natural, buff nail polish colors and timeless, sexy reds. This is a good reminder that just about any time you can be safe with a red or nude mani or pedi. The colors and finishes are changing every season, of course. Dashing Diva’s Chelsea in the Buff and Season Tickets polish led the way for nude tones while The Red Carpet polish rounded out the bold and vibrant red scene.

OPI at New York Fashion Week included more of the same – subtle, neutral shades and a pop of red for an effective accent color for your nails. OPI’s MonSooner or Later (OPI Classics) is characterized by a bright orangey-red hue that works well at accessorizing an outfit. The pedicure choice for models at the fashion show was Samoan Sand (OPI Classics), which is a soft pink-toned nude. Other colors on display at New York Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2012 include manicures of Stranger Tides (Pirates of the Caribbean) in a gray-green pastel shade and pedicures in a nude shade, Tickle My France-y (OPI Classics).

“The most important thing to remember about nails is to have fun with it. Make mistakes, test out new colors, and see what you think works best for you,” says Aija Vilemsonne, Creative Director of Pretty Woman USA.

Vilemsonne notes that some of the other hot nail polish colors include shades of blue and especially denim, metallic nail polish colors, and nude nail colors seem to be the way to go. Stay tuned for more details on fall 2011 nail polish colors and trends, as well as hot nail hues for the New Year.


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