Fuzzy Bunny Slippers Review

Fuzzy bunny slippersFuzzy bunny slippers have been a guilty pleasure of mine since I was about 12 or 13. For some reason I just thought they were cuter and comfier than other slippers, no matter what the animal or theme. Luckily a few brands still make bunny slippers for adults, so I happily purchased a pair of cushy, fuzzy white bunny slippers for myself just about two weeks ago. They arrived promptly in my mailbox and I’ve been wearing them ever since.

I ordered my white ladies fuzzy bunny slippers from Amazon and I’m very pleased with my purchase. These are quite possibly the most comfortable slippers I’ve ever owned, and there’s just something endearing about a pair of white bunny rabbit slippers. Each slipper has a white bunny face with two black eyes, pink nose, pink mouth, chubby cheeks, whiskers, and two ears that can stick up or flop over.

The slippers are large and well-cushioned. I am pretty sure my border collie thinks they are her own personal toys while I’m sleeping. She likes to get them and bring them to me in the morning – I’m not sure if she’s saying, “Hey, time to get up!” or “here, I thought you’d like this.”

The bottoms of each bunny slipper have little white nonslip dots to help give you traction while walking around your home, particularly on slippery floors. I have absolutely no complaints about these slippers and I am sure I will buy them again whenever this pair bites the dust.

If you want your own comfortable and adorable white bunny slippers, I recommend these same ones I bought, available at Amazon.com for $16.99 by SG Footewear. They are available in sizes 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10.


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