10 Baking and Cooking Theme Party Ideas

Cooking themed party ideasCooking and baking parties can be a lot of fun when you get the right group of friends together. Whether you are thinking about a holiday cookie bake or a night of fine Italian cuisine or something else entirely, you can have a lot of fun with food and friends. Consider these 10 creative and enjoyable baking and cooking theme party ideas for your next social gathering.

From dessert parties to main courses or ethnic cuisine, use your imagination to come up with fun and creative food and cooking theme party ideas. Here are 10 food theme party suggestions to get you started:

Top 10 Food Themed Party Ideas
Try these food and cooking themed party ideas:

Anything Goes Salad Night
Invite all your friends over and have them all bring at least one different topping for your salad extravaganza. Be sure you have a variety of greens like lettuces and spinach, some fresh veggies like cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes, and clever topics of fruits, nuts, and cheeses. Don’t forget your proteins as well – salmon, chicken, steak, hardboiled eggs, and other yummy meats and poultry. Last but certainly not least, ensure you have enough different salad dressings to appeal to your group.

Italian Night
Get everyone together to make an assortment of Italian food and then serve it all family style. Consider dishes like homemade lasagna, huge meatballs, garlic knots, Italian bread, and of course, Italian pastries, cannolis, or Italian bakery cookies for dessert. Don’t forget the wine!

Personal Pizza Party
Work together with your friends to make your own pizza dough and then have everyone make their own personal pizza pies using any kind of sauce, cheese, and toppings they like! Consider Hawaiian pizza, meat lovers, supreme, vegetarian pizza ideas, and anything else you might like. You can even make a dessert pizza if you’re feeling creative! (Just be sure you have the right dough for that one!)

‘Can You Deep Fry It’ Party
Ask each of your guests to bring something they would like to deep fry, be it an appetizer, entrée, or dessert. You can also assign items or have your guests tell you what they are bringing ahead of time so you don’t have duplicates. Be sure you have enough cooking oil. You’re sure to have a blast with a deep-fry party!

Wine Tasting Party
Assign each of your guests a different wine and ask them to bring a dish that complements the flavor. You can also have your guests just bring the ingredients for their dish and prepare everything together as a group.


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