Autumn Jackets for the Whole Family

As the weather gets cooler, shopping for fall fashions like boots and autumn jackets becomes a priority. Nice fall jackets tend to be an important outerwear item for the whole family, so it’s essential to ensure your little ones are bundled up as much as yourself and your significant other. Consider these tips to help you find stylish and functional autumn jackets for the whole family.

No matter what your favorite color, style, or fabric, you can find autumn jackets to suit your fashion needs as well as your personal comfort. Check a few different stores and scope out the styles online so you can find your favorite fall coats for yourself and your whole family.

Fashionable Autumn Jacket Tips and Trends
Many different styles and colors of fall jackets are available for women, men, and children. You can find casual fleece jackets and warm, durable parkas and everything in between. Long coats, shorter jackets, and even leather jackets are some popular choices. Here are a few of the trends you can expect to see in 2011 fall jackets.

•    Shades of bold red for a pop of color – pair these coats with subtle skirts or slacks for the perfect look.

•    Bright white coats offer glamorous style – don’t be afraid to brave the elements in a bright white coat.

•    The trench is in – trench coats make a great statement in your wardrobe and they work well for so many occasions.

•    Leather never goes out of style – enjoy lovely leather coats in a variety of styles for adults. Check out a bomber jacket or a classic leather coat.

•    Don’t be afraid of faux fur – you can sharpen your look without changing your eco-friendly beliefs. Spice things up with a faux fur collar if you aren’t ready for the full fur.

•    Embrace prints and patterns – try your luck with animal prints, geometric designs, and plaids for a fashionable look.

You might also consider grays, beiges, and even bright colors like blues and purples if you’re in the mood for a new hue. Watch for styles that suit your fancy, from military type coats to more ornate designs. Good luck in your search – remember, the most important things are your comfort and confidence while wearing the coat.

Tips on Finding Fall Jackets for Your Family
Whether you are seeking a sleek fall coat for yourself or stylish coats for men to help your husband choose a new jacket, you can’t go wrong by searching online first. Narrow down the many styles, colors, and fabric choices to reduce your overall shopping process. Here are a few tips to help you choose fall jackets for yourself, your husband or boyfriend, and/or your children.

•    Decide whether you need a formal coat or a casual jacket.

•    Consider the warmth factor – should it be more of a windbreaker or are you looking for something to keep you warm on a blustery day?

•    Narrow down your color choices. Determine whether you are looking for neutrals and classics like black, khaki, camel, gray, and chocolate, or if you prefer something a little more on the wild side.

•    Look into all your options for fabrics and styles to find the best fit. Will you choose corduroy, leather, or something along the lines of a rain jacket?

•    Consider what length you would like the coat to be. Are you looking for something like a trench coat or more of a standard coat length?

When in doubt, simply go to the store and try on coats until you find one that looks and fits great while suiting all your needs. You can bring your family with you in the hopes of finding coats for everyone in time for the cooler weather. Happy shopping!


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