Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Teen birthday party ideasPlanning a birthday party can be a lot of fun but it can also be stressful, especially if it is a surprise party or if you are trying to get every detail to be perfect. Teen birthday parties can take a lot of special planning and preparation, whether it’s a large birthday bash or a smaller gathering for a sleepover or a special outing. Consider these teen birthday party ideas for girls and guys.

Before you get too far in your teen birthday party planning, be sure to consider your budget and your guest list. The amount of money you have to spend and the number of people invited to the party will definitely have a strong impact on the overall outcome of the event. Be sure to keep within your budget and plan an event that works for the group size you plan to invite.

Teen Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
Consider these special teen birthday party ideas for girls:
•    Hawaiian Luau Party
•    Pool Party
•    Ice Skating Party or Roller Skating Party
•    Bowling Party
•    Limousine Party – Day or night on the town
•    Spa Party / Mani-Pedi Party
•    Makeover Party
•    Ice Cream Party
•    Girls’ Sleepover Party
•    Pink Party

Teen Birthday Party Ideas for Guys
Check out these fun teen birthday party ideas for guys:
•    Minor League Baseball Party
•    Pool Party / Pizza Party
•    Laser Tag Party
•    Paintball Party
•    Video Game Party
•    Man Hunt Party

Co-Ed Teen Birthday Party Ideas
Consider these co-ed teen birthday party ideas for your teenager and all their friends:
•    Pool Party
•    Skating Party
•    Fiesta Party
•    Music Party / Dance Party
•    Hawaiian Luau
•    Beach Party
•    Bowling Party

What other teen birthday ideas do you have? Please share them below in our comments for all to enjoy.


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  1. There are a few surprise party ideas that everyone can follow. First of all you will want to trick the birthday girl or boy into attending the surprise birthday party and obviously they will need to be completely unaware of what is about to transpire.

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