What to Do about a Flat Butt? Bum Implants and Lifts Rising in Popularity

From a clingy bikini bottom to the perfect pair of butt-hugging jeans, a round and grab-able derriere is one of the physical features that certainly adds to our appearance. Most clothing leaves little to the imagination when it comes to your rear end. You can certainly exercise to help sculpt your bottom to a firmer rump, but sometimes there’s no substitute for whatever your genes have given you. At least not until the rise in popularity of buttock implants and buttock lifts – two cosmetic surgical procedures that women and men are both considering for a more perfect posterior…

You may have seen or read about butt-enhancing underwear with padding to give your butt a boost inside your jeans, shorts, skirt, or slacks. This can be a helpful nonsurgical option to giving your butt a new look, but there may still be some complications. First of all, it isn’t permanent. Secondly, when you undress, your enhanced rear end goes back to its flatter alter-ego. (This could be a bit embarrassing if you are getting together with a new love interest for the first time and they don’t know about your body-shaping undergarments, expecting the real deal.

According to an article by MYA Cosmetic Surgery, buttock implant surgery involves a discrete incision between the cheeks where a silicone implant can be placed behind the upper buttock muscle. The procedure is done under general anesthesia and can take between one and two hours to complete, with an overnight stay at the hospital required for the patient. Buttock lift surgery also requires an overnight stay. Recovery for both enhancements generally takes two weeks and with the buttock implant surgery, you will need to refrain from exercise for at least six weeks to allow proper healing. As you might expect, sitting will be uncomfortable following both of these procedures.

It is up to you to determine if your bottom will gain a bigger benefit from the procedure to outweigh the potential discomfort. As with any surgical procedure, please consult your doctor to learn of the risks involved. Bum implants can certainly enhance the look of a flatter rump. Be sure you are cleared by your doctor for surgery prior to undergoing this or any cosmetic procedure.

What are your thoughts on butt implants and butt lifts? Would you consider them? Do you know anyone who has gotten them? Please share in our comments below.


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