Tips on Reducing or Preventing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common concern for women, especially when weight gain is involved. Pregnancy is a popular time to start thinking about stretch mark prevention, or at least reduction in appearance of stretch marks. Like scars, stretch marks can permanently change the look of the skin on various parts of the body like the tummy, legs, and even breasts. If you are worried about stretch marks, this article should help to give you an overview of some easy remedies you can try at home to help diminish or even eliminate those unsightly skin changes.

If you look up remedies for stretch marks on the Internet, you will find everything from herbal and natural at-home treatments to cosmetic surgery procedures, cocoa butter lotions and skin creams, oil treatments, and so much more. Many women have shared remedies they concocted on their own, containing such ingredients as Vitamin E oil, olive oil, white sugar, skin moisturizer, and others. It seems different bodies may react differently to certain concoctions and remedies, so it may be necessary to ask your doctor or dermatologist. You can also do research online to see what works for most people with similar stretch marks to those you have.

Some popular skincare products to try include Palmer’s Massage Cream for Stretch Marks (Cocoa Butter), Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy, and Bio Oil for stretch mark reduction. If you plan to use any products for stretch marks while you are pregnant or nursing, be sure to speak with your OB or your family doctor to be on the safe side. You might even get a better recommendation!

Some doctors believe that a woman’s body is either destined to get stretch marks or destined not to get them. This could be due to genes and heredity. Of course, you never know if they’ll go away if you don’t try. If you are newly pregnant, you can try to eat a healthy, balanced diet for the baby without packing on more weight than is needed for the little one. Remember, you aren’t really eating for two – the tiny person inside of you takes what he or she needs from you and in many cases, that is only a couple hundred extra calories than you normally eat. Of course, you should speak with your doctor to confirm what kind of diet and caloric intake you should be achieving. The point is – keeping the overall pregnancy weight gain at a reasonable level should help to keep stretch marks to a minimum.

What other tips do you have for reducing, preventing, or eliminating stretch marks? Please share them in our comments below!


2 thoughts on “Tips on Reducing or Preventing Stretch Marks”

  1. Hi!
    I am glad I had me here and see your topic here regarding stretch marks.

    Here are my tips:
    Diet – You must not indulge in over-eating habit. If the cravings can’t be helped, try to find a way to burn those calories taken from your cravings. Exercise.
    Vitamins – in vitamins that is good for the skin.
    Taking a bath, keeping clean body to the max.
    Rest and regular sleep on the hours needed for the body to replenish.
    And my secret, olive oil and shea butter.
    These are the basic ones to prevent and take out stretch marks.

  2. I think stretch marks are the bain of every female! With each of my children I seemed to get more and more of them. Luckily some of the creams on the market do work quite well to at least fade stretch marks, or even get rid of them completely.
    As mentioned in the post one of the best things you can do is to try and prevent them in the first place.

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