Johnson’s Baby Lotion & Baby Shampoo Product Review

Johnson's Baby Lotion and ShampooFor what seems like forever, Johnson’s baby products for baby-soft skin have included the classic Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and Johnson’s Baby Lotion. These two signature products are a must-have for any household with kids, and even homes without them. I even remember having my hair washed with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo when I was a child, and being especially happy that the suds didn’t burn or sting my eyes.

I received these products from Johnson’s for the purpose of review and I am happy to tell you I’ll look forward to using them for my own child one day. The Baby Lotion is a light pink, creamy formula in a baby pink bottle. It has its own delicate baby scent and leaves the skin feeling so soft and smooth immediately after use. With several applications, the lotion further smooths out skin and leaves it baby-soft throughout the day.

Johnson's Baby Lotion and ShampooJohnson’s Baby Lotion is available in a 9-oz bottle that is comfortable to hold and easy to dispense. The lotion is clinically proven in mildness and hypoallergenic as well. Pediatrician-tested, this product is deemed mild enough for even the most delicate skin of newborns. And while it’s safe enough and gentle enough for your little ones, you can still reap the benefits and get your own skin feeling baby-soft and smooth with a few applications.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (No more tears) is marketed as being as gentle to eyes as pure water. This is something all new parents will love to hear, especially when you may not be accustomed to washing a much-smaller person. This baby shampoo is clinically proven to be mild and gentle for baby, and it’s also dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. A gentle washing of baby’s hair leaves hair soft, shiny and smelling baby fresh.

This product comes in a 15-ounce bottle, which should last you quite a while. For best results, Johnson’s recommends wetting baby’s hair first with warm water and then applying the shampoo, bringing it to a gentle lather, and rinsing clean. Don’t forget to snuggle!

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