Johnson’s Baby Oil and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel Review

Johnson's Baby Oil Gel ReviewI’ve  been having a fun time testing out various baby products from Johnson’s this fall, including the baby powder and baby cornstarch powder, creamy baby oil (similar to body creams), baby shampoo and baby lotion, and now the Johnson’s Baby Oil and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel products. These cool Johnson’s baby products definitely make me excited for when we have a little one together. So far all of the products seem to have great results and they are all mild and gentle enough for baby’s skin, hair, and eyes (no more tears).

I figured testing the baby skincare products on adult skin is one way to know how they work and how they react to our skin in different situations. I enjoyed trying the Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel (Shea & Cocoa Butter) just after I stepped out of the shower. I applied the bubbly, emollient product to my skin, around my tummy and on my legs, knees, and elbows. Even hours later, I still felt as if my skin retained the moisture that I locked into my skin.

The subtle scent of cocoa butter is a wonderful bonus, especially if you wanted a change from the baby fresh scent. Product packaging states the baby oil gel locks in up to 10 times more moisture, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. My tummy and legs still felt a little “slick” a few hours after I applied the gel to my skin just after my shower. This product is designed to moisturize and protect baby soft skin, specifically in preventing dryness. For best results, use this product right after a shower or bath – it works best on wet skin, not dry skin.

Johnson’s Baby Oil also claims to lock in 10 times more moisture, and also should be used on wet skin rather than dry skin. This product is a pure mineral oil that creates a barrier of protective moisture on the skin. Use this product just as the baby oil gel product above. As an added bonus, moms can take advantage of this gentle formula to remove eye makeup! The generously sized 14-oz bottle should last you quite a while no matter what your use.

I greatly enjoyed testing these Johnson’s baby products on my own skin and look forward to treating our future child to wonderfully soft baby skin as well. The gentle formulation doesn’t disappoint and the wide array of products lets you get comfortable with a brand you can depend on time and again.

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