Four Authors Chat Over Coffee; Not a Decaf in Sight

His Grace is Sufficient, Decaf is Not Book PreviewBest-selling author Sandra D. Bricker has been a longtime friend of LLB, and we think it’s time she stopped by again to tell us about her latest books. And I’m happy to tell you that she’s brought along a few friends.

LLB: Sandie, welcome back! It’s been a while since we’ve chatted. I think the last time was when your romantic comedy, Always the Baker, Never the Bride, came out. What have you been up to since then?

SANDIE: Baker was a bit of an unexpected sleeper. It was far more successful than we’d anticipated, and the publishers came back and asked me to write three more books in the series. I’m really excited about the second book, Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride (Emma Rae Creation), which came out just recently. Number three releases in late spring, and the last one — Always the Baker, Finally the Bride — gives Emma and Jackson their happy ending when it comes out in the spring of 2013.

Always the Wedding Planner, Never the BrideLLB: That sounds awesome! And did I hear that there’s going to be a very special contest for readers that centers around that final volume?

SANDIE: There is. I think it’s going to really be fun. It will run from November 1st through the end of the year, and people can get the specifics on my Web site if they’re interested. The bottom line is that the lucky winner will be allowed to choose Emma’s wedding cake from five or six options, and then I’ll write that person into the novel as an actual character.

LLB: That’s so great. I imagine there will be a lot of readers playing along.

SANDIE: I hope so.

LLB: Meanwhile, how about you introduce us to your friends, and tell our readers about the new book you all have coming out this month?

SANDIE: Absolutely. These ladies are three of my favorite chicks on the planet, so putting together this book was a joy. It’s called His Grace is Sufficient…Decaf is Not, and it’s the third volume in a line of lighthearted devotionals from Summerside Press that’s geared toward busy women.

Loree Lough has several millions (yes, I said millions!) of books in print, most recently the acclaimed First Responders series of novels centering around the post-tragedy lives of 9/11 responders.

Trish Perry has published nearly a dozen novels, such as this year’s historical, Unforgettable. In addition, she’s written countless articles, short stories and essays.

Cynthia Ruchti is a radio personality and columnist, and she received high acclaim and several award nominations for her debut novel, last spring’s They Almost Always Come Home.

LLB: Welcome to Life Love Beauty. We’re really happy to have you all with us. Can you tell our readers more about His Grace is Sufficient?, and perhaps also tell them why Decaf is Not?

LOREE: Well, for the latter part, I think that’s speaks for itself, right?

LLB: You have a point.

LOREE: As for the devotional, it was a really great opportunity to work on another one with Sandie.

SANDIE: Loree was one of the authors of the first book, Be Still…and Let Your Nail Polish Dry.

LOREE: That was such a great experience that, when Sandie invited me to work on this one, how could I say no?

TRISH: It was pretty much the same for me. I contributed to the second one that was titled Delight Yourself in the Lord…Even on Bad Hair Days. I was thrilled to be asked to join in on another one. In addition to the general fun of it all, working on these books leads one to quite a bit of introspection, prayer, and listening for God’s guidance. It’s truly a blessing to us as writers.

CYNTHIA: I’m new to these books, but Sandie and I met at a writers’ conference a few years ago and felt an instant heart connection. I don’t know about Sandie, but from that moment sitting at the dinner table with her, I had a desire to serve on a writing project with her someday.

SANDIE: Yep! Same here. The chance to work with Cynthia has just confirmed what I already knew. She and I are very much like-minded. As I was laying out the final book, several of her very personal stories had me laughing, and then crying like a dork. Like Loree and Trish, Cyn is just an awesome storyteller.

LLB: As I recall, a portion of the proceeds of these books is earmarked for ovarian cancer research.

LOREE: That’s another part of the attraction for me. During the planning phases of the first book, the authors decided to dedicate a portion of our proceeds to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. We chose them largely because Sandie is a survivor.

TRISH: And our friend, Diann Hunt, one of the authors of Bad Hair, is fighting it a second time now. Her attitude and grasp of faith in the midst of this onslaught are amazing and inspiring.

SANDIE: We actually dedicated Decaf to Diann. So giving some of the proceeds to OCRF feels a little like we’re helping with her fight.

CYNTHIA: Everything I’ve heard about OCRF tells me it and its leadership have the heart, the diligence, and the passion to make a difference in the fight against this devastating disease and the families and friends it affects.

His Grace is Sufficient, Decaf is Not Book PreviewLLB: It sounds like a worthy cause. Hopefully, some of our readers will pick up a copy of the book and help out with cancer research at the same time.

SANDIE: Well, if they do, I don’t think they’ll be sorry. Decaf is a really fun and uplifting read.

LLB: Speaking of DECAF, how do you ladies take your coffee?

SANDIE: I like crème brulee coffee, with a quick shot of vanilla.

LOREE: Frappuccino with extra caramel and whipped cream, please.

CYNTHIA: I’d love a Milky Way latte with whipped cream.

TRISH: Just strong and black, with heavy cream.

LLB: There you have it! Authors, books, cancer research, and coffee.

SANDIE: All the important stuff, right? … Thanks so much for having us. We’re all big fans of this site, so it’s a pleasure to spend a little time with you like this.

His Grace is Sufficient…Decaf is Not is available for order now everywhere books are sold.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing coffee with us today! (I drink mine black, but make a point to sit near people so I can inhale the delightful scents wafting from THEIR mugs!)

    Here’s hoping all who stopped by will enjoy a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

  2. You are SO sweet for sharing coffee with us today! Here’s hoping you and everyone who stops by enjoys a safe, healthy, happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Thank you LLB for let us stop by for a chat and a cup of…what is that I’ve got brewed this morning?…oh yes–double dark Darjeeling tea. Definitely not decaf!It’s always fun to pop in and see what’s happening at LLB!

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