Boyfriend Fashion / Husband Fashion – How You Can Help!

Fashion is one of those things. Some guys get it and some guys don’t. As a good girlfriend or wife you can help your guy out with some sweet fashion finds no matter if he is a complete novice or a total pro. The trick is – knowing what styles he likes, what he’s comfortable wearing, and finding it!

Remember, even the most fashion-inexperienced guy can usually muddle his way through a basic wardrobe. Most guys are capable of picking out their own jeans, for starters. Throw in a few shirts, sweaters, khakis, work pants, shoes, socks, and a belt, and your guy is well on his way to style. Although, coordinating an outfit for a certain occasion is a completely different story, but usually that works out okay too.

Even the best dressed guy you know may appreciate a little help when it comes to finding a new shirt or outfit for his wardrobe. There isn’t always a true science to mens clothes. Take French cuff shirts for example. Guys can dress them up with slacks for work or business meetings or holiday dinners. They can dress them down with jeans and boots or nice shoes for a night out at a club or bar. A t-shirt or long-sleeve tee can be a wardrobe staple, especially on weekends, but these also work well for layering options with sports jerseys, hoodies, and more. Some men’s clothing may be more versatile than you think!

Check out these tips for how you can help your guy coordinate some great outfits for the holidays or the New Year.

•    Choose shirts for him that bring out his eye color. If he has blue or green eyes, go with those two colors first.

•    Check out his existing wardrobe and find the gaps. Maybe your guy is completely missing something, even if it is just a long-sleeve t-shirt from his favorite football or hockey team.

•    Help him coordinate a complete look, including a hat, scarf, or other accessory if appropriate.

•    Go shopping together – you can pick out things you think would look good and he can try them on before buying.

•    If you plan to go shopping without him, make sure you have a list of his sizes – remember, guys’ clothing often goes by different measurements than ladies apparel.

•    Don’t forget the small things. Even the best dressed guy still needs some comfortable boxers and matching socks without holes.

A brief glance at will quickly tell you that the preppy look is very ‘in’ with a “twist of English gentleman.” Consider a fine selection of sweaters or dress shirts for the work week with a fun rugby sweater, V-neck sweater, or fleece for the weekend. Stripes are still popular as well, and it’s really hard to go wrong with a selection of dark tops for winter. From dress slacks to jeans and khakis, it’s easy to pull together a complete outfit when all the pieces are available to you in one place.

Are you planning to buy your boyfriend or husband some clothing for the holidays? Do you have some more tips on how to do it? Please share your experiences and expert advice in our comments below.


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