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Peppermint Centerpieces for the Holidays, Winter Weddings, and Other Elegant Events

Peppermint centerpieces offer a lovely decoration for your tables, whether for a wedding, a holiday party, or a small gathering at your home. You can create simple centerpieces with peppermint candies for an elegant look at your holiday event. Consider a red color scheme to match the red and white peppermint coloring as you contemplate your peppermint centerpiece ideas.

Peppermint centerpieces can be relatively simple or they can be quite grand scale. The number of centerpieces you need, as well as your budget, can ultimately dictate what style of peppermint centerpiece you choose.

Here are a few options to consider for your peppermint themed centerpieces:

Vase Centerpieces with Peppermints
Fill a pretty vase with wrapped peppermints for your guests to enjoy. You can choose traditional starlight mints or other bite-sized peppermint pieces. You could also mix up an assortment of differently shaped peppermints.

Peppermint Sticks with Ivy or Flowers
In a glass vase or tall bowl, drape some dark green ivy and intersperse some old-fashioned peppermint sticks throughout the arrangement. You can also place a mirror underneath and add a few vanilla scented white votives around your arrangement for added effect.

Red and White Flowers with Scattered Peppermints
Choose a nice red and white holiday flower arrangement, even the typical poinsettias or amaryllis, and place them in a festive vase. Scatter peppermint pieces or starlight mints around the vase in random patterns.

Red Candle in Hurricane with Peppermints
Place a hurricane candle holder on a mirrored or glass dish, and add a beautiful red pillar candle inside. Scatter loose peppermints along the base of the glass hurricane, in the dish, and around the centerpiece.

Assorted Candy Canes and Holly Berries
Find a wide variety of candy cane shapes and sizes for your peppermint centerpieces. Choose a nice glass bowl or vase that will allow you to creatively arrange your many candy canes. Drape real or artificial holly berries throughout the bowl or vase. Add a mirror below and scattered white votive candles if you like.

Red Flowers Paired with Peppermint Sticks in a Vase
Fill a tubular vase with old-fashioned peppermint sticks. Leave a little room open in the center. Place a small container with water in the center and add lovely red flowers like roses, carnations, or even gerbera daisies. This way, the peppermint sticks give the illusion of red and white striped stems!

Peppermint Trees
Create your own peppermint tree using peppermint pieces and starlight mints. Glue the mints to a decorative cone or find another fashionable way to affix them. You might even want to consider adding them to a miniature evergreen Christmas tree. You can check craft supply stores like Michaels and AC Moore for additional ideas on creating your peppermint tree centerpieces.

Red and White Ball Ornaments in a Glass Vase
If you want a non-edible centerpiece, consider adding red and white Christmas ball ornaments inside a large glass vase. You can choose all the same size or large ones and small ones. This pretty and elegant display makes a great peppermint themed holiday centerpiece.

Your peppermint centerpieces will look lovely at your winter wedding, holiday party, Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas day brunch, or New Year’s Eve party. No matter if you choose vase centerpieces with peppermints or something along the lines of flowers or greenery, your party or special event is sure to be a hit!


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