Six New Year’s Resolutions for Your Relationship

New Year's Resolutions for your Marriage / RelationshipJanuary is often a month of refreshing changes. Many people pledge to lose weight, pay off debt, or become more organized as a new year arrives. Others may search for their dream job or try to smooth out other areas of their lives. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your significant other is to make a commitment to better your relationship for the New Year. Consider these tips on New Year’s Resolutions for your relationship.

Whether you are married, in a long-term relationship, or newly dating, there are definitely things you can do to improve the quality of your relationship or at least the interactions between you and your husband / wife, or boyfriend / girlfriend. If you take the time to wonder what men want in a relationship or what women want, you can almost always improve your romantic life. Working on these little improvements can go a great way in making your relationship more stable and overall, more satisfactory for both of you.

Here are some top New Year’s Resolutions for your relationship this year:

1.    Pledge never to go to bed angry. Resolve any conflicts before you go to bed, and avoid fighting in your bedroom if at all possible. If you can’t resolve a certain matter before you have to head in for the night, at least set it aside for now, agree to disagree for the time being, and take a few moments to let the other person know how much you care.

2.    Work on changing the things you do that annoy your partner. Whether it’s being perpetually late or having clutter around the house, take the time to address these areas and do what you can to maintain the improvement. Your relationship will be so much better for it.

3.    Choose your battles. If it seems like you and your partner fight a lot, it might be something you both need to work on together. If it seems one-sided with you being the aggressor, you can start to take steps toward a more peaceable relationship. Remember, each person is entitled to his or her emotions as well as his or her opinions. Choose your battles means having the important fights when necessary and overlooking some of the smaller things that aren’t really damaging your relationship.

4.    Avoid lying to your partner. Adhere to a foundation of trust and truth so that you can both enjoy a secure relationship where your love can flourish.

5.    Make a point to sit down to dinner each night, or as often as possible. Rather than watching television with your meal, sit down at the kitchen table and relax through your dinner. Enjoy a conversation and take the time to find out how your partner’s day went. Try to do this a couple times a week at the very least, as it is a good practice to instill for your future together.

6.    Say ‘I love you’ everyday and mean it. Take the time to express your feelings for your sweetheart and be sure you fully absorb the meaning behind it. Sometimes we get into a routine or habit of doing things – be sure to make each ‘I love you’ special by looking your partner in the eye, following with a kiss, or at the very least, having some meaning in your voice as you say it. Be sure to let your sweetheart know how you feel each and every day.

Do your best to put these five New Year’s resolutions for your marriage or relationship into practice and take note of the positive changes you experience. Fighting less, increasing trust, and expressing your love for one another can go a long way to improving your relationship and cementing things for the long haul. If you have other suggestions for  New Year’s resolutions for your relationship, please share them in our comments below.


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