V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies Review

V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies ReviewSometimes it can seem almost impossible to get the right serving of fruits and vegetables every day. Whether it’s a case of being too busy or simply not having a big enough appetite, some days we just can’t seem to satisfy the recommended daily amounts of these important nutrients. Thankfully, V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies come to the rescue, offering a variety of tasty beverages to help you get your daily fruits and vegetables in liquid form.

One of the greatest things about V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies is that you can help to satisfy your nutritional needs quickly and easily, drinking up a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables any time of day, even before you rush out the door to work or school each morning. V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies also make a delicious snack partway through the day or even as a quick refresher after a workout.

I received three flavors of V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies to try for the purpose of this review – Wild Berry, Strawberry Banana, and Mango. These tasty concoctions contain a full serving of fruit plus a full serving of vegetables in every glass. Because of this extreme fruit and veggie content, the smoothie juice is true to its name, coming in quite a bit thicker than your usual juice. My brother recommended finding vanilla sherbet to blend up with these drinks for a more authentic smoothie experience. Plus, how can you go wrong turning it into even more of a dessert type treat?

V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies contain a purposeful blend of fruits and vegetables in such proportions that the taste remains light and sweet. Just an eight-ounce glass has ½ cup of fruit and ½ cup of vegetables to help satisfy your recommended daily allowance. Also, V8 V-Fusion contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

I enjoyed the taste of the Wild Berry and Strawberry Banana fruit smoothies the best, purely based on my own fruit preferences. The Mango flavor was tasty as well. I like having these in my fridge so I don’t feel as guilty if I can’t sit down for a real breakfast and instead have to grab a glass of juice and a breakfast bar on the go. If you find you and your family have a tough time getting your recommended daily fruits and vegetables, consider trying the V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies as a convenient and tasty alternative.

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