Creative and Fun Bachelorette Dessert Ideas

No bachelorette party, hen’s night, or hen weekend would be complete without some sexy and sassy bachelorette dessert ideas. Go heavy on the chocolate and let the naughty ideas fly. This is your one chance to mix sexy with sweets and what better way to enjoy it than with all your best gal pals?

Of course, depending on the guest list, you may have some shy girls mixed in with the bold and outspoken ones. You can take these bachelorette dessert ideas at face value or tone them up or down to suit the guests and most especially the bride-to-be. Consider these suggestive bachelorette party dessert ideas for your bride’s special night out.

Suggestive Cakes and Cupcakes
It won’t take you long to find a cake or cupcake mold in the shape you’re seeking for your bachelorette dessert ideas. Be sure to have fun making the naughty cake or cupcakes and frosting them up for the bride-to-be and all the bachelorette party guests. You can go very naughty or only mildly so – consider a bare man’s chest complete with a black frosted bow tie. You might even consider making a cake out of cupcakes so that you can shape your bachelorette party dessert any way you like (ahem).

Also, as another suggestion – remember those cupcakes in an ice cream cone we used to have as kids? You can also try making those and adapting the shape by adding creampuffs or other delicate pastries at the base of each ice cream cone cupcake.

Risqué Cookies
Bachelorette Dessert Ideas (image courtesy of morguefile)You can make your own batch of suggestive shapes or mischievous gingerbread men (and women if you like). First and foremost, look for a cookie cutter that fits the bill. Consider anatomical cookie cutters, bikini or lingerie cutters, or even simple high heel shoe shaped cookie cutters. You will more than likely find something that you can use or share for any future bachelorette parties as well. If you don’t want to do suggestive shapes using cookie cutters, you can still get creative by using a cookie press to make custom cookies shaped like a certain part of the male anatomy. Finally, have fun icing the cookies or decorating them with little candy pieces and sprinkles.

Naughty Ice Cream Sundaes or Banana Splits
Two scoops and a banana ought to do the trick. Be sure to have all the fun supplies on hand, too – chocolate syrup, whipped cream, caramel, cherries, you know the drill. For added fun, have each guest create her own special sundae to enjoy. Simple ice cream cones might be another big hit, depending on your crowd. Either way and whatever you decide, be sure to take lots of pictures!

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