Get Gorgeous, Celebrity Style Skin in Five Minutes or Less

Celebrity Style Skin in 5 Minutes or LessDid you ever notice how most if not all celebrities seem to have flawless, glowing skin? Even the most beautiful, radiant skin takes a little bit of time and care. If you’ve ever wondered how you can get gorgeous, celebrity style skin that looks and feels great without expensive procedures or costly products, you are in luck. Celebrity Hair Stylist and consultant to the stars Billy Lowe kindly shares his favorite skincare tips for how you can get beautiful skin like the celebrities in five minutes or less.

Top Los Angeles hair stylist Billy Lowe has a background that spans far beyond his current profession. Previously he worked as the marketing and education director for such high end brands like Clinique and Erno Laszlo. Lowe firmly believes good skincare practices lead to true beauty on many levels. He also feels strongly that exfoliation methods should be a part of every skincare regimen.

“When I put someone on a skincare regime, it always includes at least a three to four times per week exfoliation inclusion,” Lowe says. “By speeding up cellular turn over and sloughing off dead skin, we reveal a brighter, more beautiful looking skin at the surface that says ‘go ahead – take my picture.’”

As a special tip, Lowe reminds us to avoid harsh walnut and apricot shell scrubs for best results. Instead, he recommends products with polyethylene (a plastic material), more commonly known as micro-beads.

To get glowing, celebrity style skin in five minutes or less, Billy Lowe recommends the following system three to four times per week (for most skin types):

1.    Use a pre-treatment oil for your face. This product can help to pre-cleanse, add extra moisture if needed, and remove unwanted residue. This also helps to pull oil and congestion away from the skin.

2.    Use a facial cleanser designed for your skin type. Apply the cleanser over the oil with comfortably hot water. Massage gently and rinse well, and then splash 15-20 times to help break down congestion in your skin.

3.    Use a facial cleanser a second time for heavy makeup, very oily skin types, or for deep cleansing.

4.    Use a mild facial scrub – I recommend Clinique Cosmetics facial scrubs – perfectly rounded polyethylene beads (plastic in structure – NOT apricot seeds). Massage gently for 30-45 seconds in a round / circular motion.

5.    Rinse well. Apply toner.

6.    Moisturize IMMEDIATELY to slightly damp skin for a fresh, radiant glow.

–    Tips courtesy of Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe

Billy Lowe will soon be launching La Piel Advanced Moisture Cream, a luxurious face cream that contains macadamia nut oil, safflower seed oil, and sunflower oil, especially suited for dry environments. This product is suitable for most skin types. For additional information on Billy Lowe, please visit


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