Destination Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Destination Wedding Centerpiece IdeasWhen you opt for a destination wedding instead of a traditional wedding near your home, a number of factors change. Most brides say it is a lot easier to plan a destination wedding based on the wedding coordinator arranging the bulk of the details. Brides still have decisions to make, but the stress and time required for planning become considerably less demanding. Still, there are a lot of fun things for destination brides to pick out, from her dress and bridesmaids gowns to shoes, accessories, style of wedding cake, bouquets, and especially the destination wedding centerpiece ideas she likes best.

When it comes to choosing the flowers and centerpieces for your destination wedding, you’ve got to keep a few things in mind. First of all, your wedding destination may have certain flowers that are native to the locale while others would need to be shipped in sometime before your wedding. This can be a bit costly if you opt for something out of season or out of region. Before you decide on your flowers, consider the indigenous species first. You might find that you love the idea of a birds of paradise bouquet or a hibiscus flower in your hair. Once you know what your bouquet will be, you can more easily coordinate the flowers for the wedding ceremony and especially those for the destination wedding centerpieces.

Centerpieces for destination weddings come in countless shapes, sizes, colors, and fragrances. You can speak with your wedding planner about the typical centerpieces they offer and see what you think. You may be able to browse a large collection of photos from past weddings and special events to give you some ideas. You might also like to coordinate your bouquets and other flowers with the destination wedding centerpieces for a consistent look throughout your special day.

Destination Wedding Centerpiece Ideas (courtesy of morguefile)If you are doing a tropical or beach wedding, consider large shells with tropical flowers spilling out as one option. Another choice to consider may be a clear or translucent glass or crystal bowl with floating tropical flowers and floating candles. Consider large shells with tall, cream colored pillar candles or starfish and smaller shells in glass bubble bowls. You can do so much when you combine mirrors, candles, and flowers into a single centerpiece for destination weddings. The oft tropical theme of most destination weddings makes it easy to find a great style with a fun pop of color.

Of course, if your destination wedding is more on the other side of the spectrum – a big city wedding or a wedding at a winter ski resort – you can find additional destination wedding centerpiece ideas that would be more appropriate for your special day. In most of these cases you may want to consider floral centerpieces that match the theme or colors of your wedding. Showy flowers like calla lilies in clear glass water-filled tubes may be an elegant centerpiece choice for your destination wedding. You can also choose more extravagant centerpieces or over the conversation centerpieces for big city destination weddings or similar.

These are just a few destination wedding centerpiece ideas to consider for your tropical or big city wedding escape. Please share any other ideas or suggestions you may have related to centerpieces for destination weddings in our comments below.


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  1. If you are going to have your centerpieces, or anything else, shipped to your wedding destination, I would recommend that you think ahead. Get samples ahead of time so that you can make sure that your colors are just right. Always make sure you enter in the correct shipping address when ordering something online. Sometimes we have people enter in the wrong or an incomplete address into the ship to address. Make sure the right person will receive the shipment and be sure not to leave off building numbers or any other necessary information. Another tip is to order ahead of time. We often get last minute orders for our ostrich feather centerpieces. However, every now and then we run out of a certain color and don’t have time to send them off to the dyer in time for the customer’s event. With that being said, having the items shipped from the company to your wedding destination will save you money.

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