Bath & Body Works’ Charmed Life Review

Bath & Body Works’ Charmed Life ReviewIf you are looking for a scent that everyone loves, look no further. Earlier this fall I received a full size of shower gel and body lotion of one of Bath & Body Works’ newest scents, Charmed Life. As a lifelong fan of Bath & Body Works, I was beyond excited to try these products out! This new scent is a truly amazing as a fusion guava, apple, pear, and red berries as top notes. Floral scents of peony petals, jasmine, lily of the valley, as well as coconut milk are used as mid notes. To finish off this mesmerizing smell, apricot, vanilla, praline, sandalwood, and musk are used as the dry notes.


Charmed Life is truly a show-stopping scent. Every time I put on the lotion when I was around friends, they had to stop what they were doing to find out what scent I was using. This scent even stopped one of my grad classes, as I put some lotion on my hands – my class simply could not go on without knowing where the sweet-smelling fragrance was coming from. This scent is both man and woman approved – I haven’t come across anyone yet who hasn’t complimented me on it!


Charmed Life shower gel is a great way to jump start your day and get you psyched to challenge whatever comes your way throughout the day. Follow your shower or bath regimen with Charmed Life body lotion while your skin is still wet and treat yourself by pampering your body with the moisturizing lotion. This sensual fragrance is perfect for whatever you are up to, whether it is to the conference room for a meeting, going to your favorite store for a great sale, or just relaxing at home on your day off.   

After you pamper yourself with this alluring fragrance, you will go out in the world feeling like a goddess. Not surprisingly, the Charmed Life fragrance line is part of Bath & Body Works’ “Sexy” Signature Collection. Although you may want to keep Charmed Life as a best-kept secret, it’s the perfect scent to give as a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or holiday gift that will surely not disappoint!

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