Easy Makeup Tutorial: How to Apply Eye Shadow

For some women, applying eye shadow can be a breeze. For others, it can be a challenging task, especially when hoping to try a new style or technique. This visual guide on how to apply eye shadow by Vincent Longo should make your next makeup session as simple as can be. Check out these eye shadow application tips and photos to help you achieve a glamorous look for your next outing.

Before you get started, gather your favorite makeup products, including concealer, loose powder, eyeliner, makeup brushes, eye shadow, lash definer brush, and of course, eye shadow.

Now follow these tips from Vincent Longo to get incredible, gorgeous eyes that mimic what you would see on the red carpet.

1.    Even out the texture of your skin and prepare your eyes for color with a dab of concealer to your upper and lower lids.
2.    Apply a light dusting of loose powder to set the concealer.
3.    Vincent’s tip: “Make sure that the inner corners of the upper and lower eyelids are well powdered.”

4.    Starting along the upper lash line from the outer corner to the inner corner, apply eyeliner in your desired color.
5.    Use brush #33 or similar to blend the line in an upward and outward direction.
6.    Extend the line beyond your lash line to elongate and define the eye.

7.    Contour the crease of your eye using the in-between eye shadow color.

8.    Blend across your lash line and flare slightly upward toward the outer corner of the eye using brush #18 or similar.

9.    To create a soft, smoky effect, apply color to brush #33 or similar and beginning at the outer corner, stroke lashes vertically until you’ve completed two-thirds of the lower eye. This keeps the intense color close to the lashes.

10.    Comb your lashes with lash definer brush #2 or similar before you add any mascara.
Vincent’s tip: “Be sure to blend the eye pencil first and then the eye shadow.”

These step by step tips for applying eye shadow give your eyes a gorgeous, dolled up look that works beautifully in the office, for an evening out, or for any special occasion. If you have any special eye makeup application tips to add, please share them in our comments below.

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