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Fun and Crafty Activity Weekends for Girls

Girls’ weekends can be so much fun! Whether you are an adult in need of a girls’ retreat or a teenager looking for fun things to do with your friends on the weekend, activity weekends for girls can be just the thing you need to relax and unwind after a busy, hectic week at work or school. So many crafty activities can become the perfect filler for your weekend of fun activities with your favorite girls. Consider these suggestions for activity weekends for girls or use them as inspiration to come up with other ideas.

Depending on your interests, you can find a wide variety of weekend activity ideas and crafts to try with your girlfriends. You and the girls can go to a certain venue for your girls’ activity weekend, or you can gather all the supplies and host an activity weekend for the girls at your own home. Consider these suggestions for fun weekend activities to try with your friends.

Ceramics or Pottery Weekend
Taking a class in sculpting or using the pottery wheel can be great fun for a group of girls. Depending on your skill level or interest in learning, you can try to make bowls, vases, and even small sculptures. If you and the girls aren’t up for a girls’ weekend activity as involved as pottery, you can also consider painting ceramics at a studio. This craft is less intense and more relaxing, and you can often choose from many different pieces to paint. Some pottery studios even allow their guests to enjoy wine during their workshops and sessions.

Glassblowing Weekend
A glassblowing workshop can be the perfect weekend activity for girls. This activity is often offered in instructional workshops of two to four hours for groups of a few people at a time. At most glassblowing classes, you will learn about various techniques and the equipment used for glassblowing first. Then you will have a chance to make a decorative glass creation of your own under the guidance of the instructors. Many classes allow you to make paperweights, ornaments, or other decorative glass objects. This can be a great bonding experience with a nice memento of the occasion.

Jewelry Making Party
A jewelry making party can be a fun girls’ weekend activity to host at your own home. Ask each friend to bring some supplies – connecting pieces, beads, wire, or tools. You can make anything from necklaces and chokers to earrings, bracelets, and more. This activity can be great fun for girls and women of any age. Even young girls can enjoy making beaded necklaces and bracelets.

Painting Party
A rising trend for women is going to a painting party and enjoying a bottle of wine with your friends. You and the girls can paint the day away, enjoying great conversation, companionship, and perhaps a glass or two of wine or some other refreshments. Look for studios in your area or relatively nearby that offer this kind of workshop activity.

Stitch & Bitch
If you and your girls are into knitting or crocheting, you can have a great time throwing a stitch and bitch gathering. This is basically a knitting and crocheting party with snacks, wine, and the opportunity to vent about whatever’s been bothering you lately. You can also add in some movies or other enjoyable background to set the mood and create a great setting for your girls’ weekend.

Cookie Bake
Who doesn’t love baking? You can make a really fun girls’ activity weekend with a cookie bake party or a weekend where each guest brings her own recipe and unique ingredients as needed. You can make lots of yummy treats or new confections in the comfort of someone’s home. Be sure to have wine on hand as well as pizza, Chinese food, or other easy takeout foods. The cookies and baked treats will be your dessert and something that you can all enjoy together, over the weekend and as take-home treats.

These ideas should get you started in planning a fun and crafty activity weekend for girls. What other activities would be a good fit for a girls’ weekend? Please share your ideas in our comments below.


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