Sexy Valentine’s Day Makeup and Beauty Tips

Romantic and sexy Valentine's Day beauty tipsValentine’s Day gives us a fun excuse to get all dolled up from head to toe – a great outfit, a romantic hairstyle, and makeup that adds all the right finishing touches. If you have a hot date on Valentine’s Day, or even if you’ve got something up your sleeve with your single friends, try these sexy Valentine beauty tips to be sure you are in the mood for whatever your evening holds.

Remember to match your attire and your look to the activity you’ll be enjoying on your Valentine’s Day date or night out. You may not want to wear a flirty cocktail dress to dinner and a movie just as you won’t want to wear a casual top with jeans to a fancy evening of dinner and dancing. Once you know your plans, you can create the perfect idea of what to wear on Valentine’s Day, including your makeup, shoes, and accessories!

Try these sexy V-Day beauty tips to get you started:

Touch up blemishes first and foremost.
Before you even apply the dazzling makeup, start out by concealing any imperfections, including dark circles under your eyes or a tiny blemish. Don’t forget to tuck away your concealer in your purse just in case you need to do any touchups later as well.

Emphasize your eyes with eyeliner.
To make your eyes really “pop,” first apply a darker shade of eyeliner around your lower and upper lids. You can use black, brown, navy blue, amethyst, or olive green for a sweet and sultry look. Eyeliner defines your eyes, giving you even more emotion in your expressions. Don’t forget this important step!

Add a little sparkle to your eyelids.
Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to break out the sparkly eye makeup for a romantic and seductive look. Consider the Pulse collection by Vincent Longo – this spring and summer 2012 lineup includes light tans, browns, pinks, and silvery purple to give you a fresh and bold look no matter what your eye color.

Try false eyelashes for a long and luxurious change.
If you weren’t blessed with mile-long lashes, don’t worry. You can still glam up your look with fabulous falsies, extending the length of your natural ones with fuller, more defined lashes. Be sure to check your false lashes from time to time throughout the evening to ensure they are still staying put.

Consider wearing a clear or light lip balm instead of bold lipstick.
While you may love the bold red or fuchsia lipstick and lip stain products, your boyfriend or husband may not. Try to keep the color off his cheeks and collar and opt instead for a glossy or pearly lip balm or lip gloss that won’t leave smooch marks everywhere you kiss. As an added bonus, a flavored, moisturizing lip balm (like Palmer’s decadent Chocolate Cherry!) can add an enticing aroma as well as an even softer texture for your lips, making them ultra kissable.

Don’t forget the perfume!
A quick spritz of perfume completes your preparations and has you ready to stroll out the door or await your handsome date. Add just a touch of your favorite perfume to your pulse points – on your wrist or behind your neck. If you’re exchanging Valentine’s Day cards, consider spraying just a tiny bit and waving the card through the mist before you seal it up in the envelope.

These are just a few fun and sexy beauty suggestions for Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss our feature – What Should I Wear on Valentine’s Day?, and please share any additional tips or ideas you have in our comments below.


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