Timeless Valentine’s Day Fashion and Beauty Tips – What to Wear

Valentine's Day fashion and beauty tipsValentine’s Day often inspires us to get all decked out from head to toe, with a sexy choice of clothing, seductive makeup, and jewelry and accessories to match. Romantic hairstyles can really add the finishing touches, no matter if you choose soft curls or a straight style to complement your look. Here are some tips to help you decide how to dress for Valentine’s Day, as well as a few beauty tips to give your look that awesome wow-factor.

If you have been wondering, What Should I Wear on Valentine’s Day, you are not alone. Whether it’s a special date in a relatively young relationship or just another February 14th with your spouse of many years, showing you care is important on Valentine’s Day and all throughout the year. Go that extra mile to snazzy up your look. Choose a nice dress for Valentine’s Day, a flowy skirt and tank top with cardigan or sweater, or a pair of classic black pants with a nice top of your choice. If you are pregnant on Valentine’s Day, you may want to consider comfort as well as style. You can certainly find a gorgeous dress or skirt and top combo that doesn’t leave you feeling like a wrapped burrito.

For a naughty but sexy twist on any outfit, consider hiding some risqué lingerie under your Valentine’s outfit. You can go as simple as thigh-highs with a garter belt under a dress or skirt, or as elaborate as you like – naughty or nice. Consider sexy lingerie as a fun way to entice your significant other – let him find a strap or clip if he happens to place his hand on your shoulder or leg. This is sure to kick things up a notch for your Valentine’s evening.

As you piece together your look, don’t forget to choose shoes and accessories that complement your outfit. For a fun pop of color with a little black dress, consider hot pink or red heels. You should also keep your Valentine’s Day jewelry choices in mind as well as a purse that offers style and function, depending on what activities you have in store.

Consider romantic hairstyles a must for a Valentine’s Day date. You can choose a long and straight style, a wavy or curly look, or a stylish updo that carries you through any date activity you choose. You can make an appointment with your local salon, but if you have some styling gel, hairspray, and a flat iron or curling iron (or a set of hot rollers), you should be good to go. You can also use alligator hair clips as a fantastic way to get a sexy hairstyle in only seconds!

Lastly, don’t forget to do your makeup in a special way. Be sure to apply eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara or false eyelashes for a glamorous look. All the better to seduce him! Don’t forget something sweet and silky for your lips – a nourishing product with coconut oil helps your lips to stay hydrated longer than the average lip balm. Finally, if you are looking for a fun twist on your look, be sure to dress up your manicure or pedicure with Valentine’s Day nail designs or heart nail designs for your romantic date.


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