Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Lifesavers – Gift Ideas at the Last Possible Second

Last-minute Valentine's Day giftsSome of us are procrastinators. Some of us work too much or get too busy with life in general. Sometimes we are really on top of things and just have an “off” week, or month, or year. Whatever the case – running out of time before Valentine’s Day can be a common occurrence for many people. Here are some last-minute, lifesaving Valentine’s suggestions to help you survive if you find you are down to the last day, hour, or minute before your plans are set to begin.

Consider these last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts and activities to save the day when you’ve either forgotten or just didn’t have time to prepare ahead of time.

1.    At the very least, be sure you have a card. Nothing says I care quite the same as a romantic card with a personal, handwritten greeting. Consider adding a special Valentine’s Day message from the heart. If you forget the card, and can’t get to a card shop in time, make one at home. It doesn’t have to be fancy – even a handwritten letter can make all the difference between disappointment and romance.

2.    Grab a bunch of flowers, even on the same day. You may still have luck if your local florist carries loose flowers that you can piece together. If not, head to your local grocery store and check their flower section – you are sure to find some leftover roses or other bouquets if the other last-minute shoppers haven’t beat you to it.

3.    Bake or cook. Seriously – who doesn’t love homemade chocolate chip cookies (or sugar cookies, brownies, etc.)? You can also throw together a candlelit dinner with very little effort. Simply be sure you have the groceries in the house and whip up some chicken parmesan with pasta, dinner rolls, and a salad or grill up some steaks. You can also order takeout from a local place and still set up your dining area to be romantic and personalized.

4.    Get a gift card or gift certificate. You may know your sweetheart well enough to choose a gift card for something they’d absolutely love – perhaps a spa treatment or massage, an electronics store, or maybe even a local cigar shop. Try to find something personal to your partner rather than just grabbing a cash card or a generic gift card with no special meaning.

5.    Create or offer something from the heart. If you are a musician, throw together a song or just play a few of your partner’s favorites. If you are an artist, make a quick sketch or small painting to mark the occasion. If you are good at giving massages, light some candles and play some soft music and offer a great massage, back rub, or foot rub. Think of something you can offer using your talents rather than your credit card.

If you are still looking for a physical last-minute gift you can wrap and present to your love on Valentine’s Day, you may still have some time to find something, depending on what stores are nearest to you. Consider these additional options for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts:

•    Bath and body products (lotions, creams, bubble bath…)
•    Candles
•    Chocolates or candy
•    Cigars or cigar accessories
•    Clothing (fuzzy socks, boxers, lingerie, etc.)
•    Cologne or perfume
•    Decorative figurines (crystal or blown glass, sun catchers, prisms, etc.)
•    Gourmet food (chocolate covered anything – pretzels, strawberries, etc.)
•    Lip balm or flavored lip gloss
•    Jewelry (cufflinks, bracelet, necklace…)
•    Movies or music
•    Photo album or frame with special pictures
•    Scratch-off Lotto tickets
•    Slippers or moccasins

These are just a few ideas for last-minute Valentine’s gifts you can find at most stores local to your home or place of work. What other ideas do you have for a same-day gift for the one you love? Please share them in our comments so you can help others find great gifts at the last possible second!


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