Vincent Longo Pulse Collection Trio Diamond Eye Shadow Review

vincent longo eye shadow reviewI am a sucker for nice eye shadow, so the chance to try Vincent Longo’s new Spring and Summer 2012 Pulse Collection really hit the spot. I received all three eye shadow trios in these pretty spring and summer eye makeup colors – Sweet Vivaldi, Champagne Lily, and Topaz Dream. I have to say, I’m beyond impressed with my first few uses of the eye shadow compacts and the results they provide. So far there’s been no need for reapplication or touchups throughout the day or night when I’m wearing them!

The color choices in each Vincent Longo trio make a great palette for just about any eye color. I’ve always been a fan of colors in the tan, pink, and purple family, simply because they are soft, pretty, and work well with my brown eyes. Each of these compacts contains a color I just love! Sweet Vivaldi matches up a charcoal shade with smoked silver and platinum pink. All are sparkly and gorgeous. I just haven’t gotten up the nerve to try the charcoal yet, but I will. I just need a good excuse, like girls night out or a fun evening event!

The Champagne Lily eye shadow trio brings together warmer hues of vibrant violet, frosted gold, and champagne rose. I totally love the champagne rose because it sets off my baby browns nicely, but all of the colors in this palette are fun and quite lovely.

The Topaz Dream compact includes a neutral pairing of gold, silver, and dark topaz – the perfect set for a sparkly look on any eye color. I tend toward the golden color myself, but also enjoy the silver. Again, I’ve still got to try the darker shade in the trio, but I myself normally wear softer shades on my eyes so it is by no fault of the color itself, just personal preference.

The Vincent Longo Pulse Collection Trio Diamond Eye Shadow compacts retail for $25 each and while that may seem a slight bit steep, I am in love with the results I get every time. These colors beautifully highlight your eyelids and the area just below your brow bone, delivering a look that lasts pretty much until you wash it off. I really enjoyed how the shadows give my makeup application a more sophisticated look with a sparkle that draws your gaze right to the eyes. The shadows go on softly and smoothly with your favorite applicator or my favorite, an EcoTOOLS eye shadow brush. I’m very pleased with this new discovery in eye shadow shades and I look forward to enjoying this brand for a long time to come. Highly recommended for anyone who loves makeup, sparkle, or eyes that look great all night long!


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