Blast from the Past – Revival of the 1920’s Hairstyles

Katy Perry 1920s hairstyleGorgeous, glamorous hairstyles from the 1920’s are back and better than ever. No matter if you have long hair, short hair, or hair of a medium length, you can rock a 1920’s hairstyle that appeals to you. Retro hairstyles from long ago maintain popularity over time based on their beauty, style, and functionality. The 1920’s brought on a revolution of change that altered our world forever, with many of the beauty trends sticking around to remind us of the times and how our society has changed in some ways while remaining the same in others.


First, consider the amazingly popular bob hairstyle. Everyone from celebrities to teens and even mature women are finding creative ways to look fantastic wearing this retro hairdo that looks great on so many faces. Bob hairstyles started out in the 1920’s as more of a classy convenience, but they have evolved to be a major fashion icon in the world of hairstyles. The bob hairstyle looks great in both short lengths falling to the ears or just below, as well as medium lengths brushing the tops of the shoulders. Another way to change the look of your bob hairstyle is to consider whether you’d like to show off bangs or just brush your hair (or some sideswiped or fringe bangs) off to the side.


1920's hairstyle - Katy PerryMarcel waves are another popular style of the 1920’s, giving women that Hollywood look as if they just stepped off the stage of a major motion picture of that era. Marcelled hair is back and better than ever, with many women turning to marcelling irons and even requesting a marcel hairstyle at the salon. This glamorous look can be a great choice for a fancy evening or social event. If you like the sound of this look, check out these Marcelled Hair Style Instructions.

Finger waving, pin curls, and short hairstyles with curls, much like Betty Boop, are also considered some of the top 1920’s hairstyles. For additional insight into these hot 1920’s hair trends, just watch what the celebrities are doing. Katy Perry recently rocked a hot 1920’s hairdo styled by ghd, and that is only the beginning. Keep an eye on the red carpet for other hot looks sported by celebrities far and wide.

To ensure you are best able to create your retro hairstyle at home, make sure you have the right tools in your beauty arsenal. Styling products, a hairdryer, brush, comb, bobby pins, curlers, curling iron, straightening iron, and marcelling iron ought to do the trick. Remember, the better the quality of your hair products, especially your dryer and heat tools, the better your hair will look on a daily basis. Looking for ghd straighteners? These stylers can really help to give your hair that gorgeous, just-stepped-out-of-the-salon look with very little time and effort. Consider the ghd Scarlet styler, which is a hot item to pick up for yourself or as a special gift for your favorite beauty goddess.

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