Healthy Snacks – Making Your Own Trail Mix

Homemade trail mixMany people tend to place a big focus on eating healthier and losing weight after New Year’s, in the springtime, and throughout the summer when the weather is nicer. Remember, losing weight and being healthier isn’t just about exercise – it’s about eating healthier, too. Sometimes the snacks we choose can be like a sinking ship in terms of our weight loss goals. Making your own trail mix is a great way to put together a satisfying snack at home that won’t break the scale. You can still get your salty fix and your chocolate fix without messing up your diet.

I make my own trail mix at home as a snack for me and my husband so we can be healthier while still eating things we enjoy. My husband has a peanut allergy, so our trail mix may be a bit different than the trail mix you would choose to make or buy, that is unless of course you or someone in your family has a peanut allergy, too.

To make a delicious snack for at home, at work, or on the go, I simply combine my favorite nuts and dried fruits to make a great trail mix blend. I include the following ingredients in our homemade trail mix – roasted unsalted almonds, Craisins or dried cranberries, black and yellow raisins, roasted salted sunflower seeds, Pepitas (dried pumpkin seeds), and of course, my personal favorite – dark chocolate chips or Special Dark chocolate chips. (Dark chocolate is considered healthier for you than other chocolates, in case you didn’t know.)

Some other fun things to include in your trail mix may range from peanuts (if you aren’t allergic) to other kinds of nuts like pecans, cashews, and hazelnuts, to dried cherries, dried pineapple, and so forth. You can also include M&Ms candies or other little treats like mini marshmallows to entice your kids to enjoy a (mostly) healthy snack.

Making your own trail mix can be a lot cheaper than buying premade trail mix pouches. You can make enough trail mix to last you a week and enjoy it until it’s gone, then make more on the weekend. If you are going on vacation, trail mix can be a great airplane snack, beach treat, or picnic snack. You can certainly enjoy the heck out of homemade trail mix on a road trip with your family as well!

What other ideas do you have for making your own trail mix? Please share them below in our comments so other readers can enjoy and benefit from your suggestions.


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