Express Your Love on Valentine’s Day and All Year Long

February 14th – a day of love, lust, or loneliness – characterized by some as a “Hallmark Holiday,” by others as the most romantic day of the year – is surely a love it or hate it holiday. Show your love how you feel all throughout the year! (Photo courtesy of Jane M. Sawyer.)But the truth of the matter is that the feelings many share on St. Valentine’s Day can and should be expressed all throughout the year.

Here you can learn about Valentine’s Day and a few tips on expressing your feelings now and all throughout the year. Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay, so you might as well make the best of it!

Show your love how you feel all throughout the year! (Photo courtesy of Jane M. Sawyer.)As its origin is veiled by mystery, Valentine’s Day is not as easily defined as Christmas, Easter, or most other holidays. Several legends contend for the actual namesake of this passionate holiday, yet Valentine’s Day itself has been a recognized celebration of love and adoration for as long as any can remember.

Today, billions of wallets become thinner as countless greeting cards, flowers and chocolates are purchased for loved ones in honor of the nationally proclaimed day of love. Day of love… why compress all of our sentiment into one single day and not 365 days, or 366 in leap year’s case?


Couples who share that special connection hopefully express their love for each other every day of the year. One year I felt as if I were betraying womankind, when I wrote in my sweetheart’s Valentine card: “I don’t need a special holiday to tell you how much you mean to me or how much I love you.” The funny thing was that he said he had been thinking about expressing the same to me, but felt bad doing so on Valentine’s Day.

Whether you have a special someone or not, Valentine’s Day is not and should not be your only chance at expressing how you feel about someone. Unattached but intrigued by someone? Slipping a secret admirer note never goes out of style. It plays up the mysterious thrill while also giving you control of the situation—and you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to let this person know someone is thinking of them!

For those of you with blissful romance already in bloom, you likely know that even the smallest amorous gestures keep the passion alive all year long. I love to slip little love notes in places where my sweetheart will find them when he least expects it. Putting a smile on someone’s face is an invaluable expression of your feelings for them.

Show your romantic side! (Photo courtesy of Andrea Church.)You may already be engaging in romantic behaviors without realizing it. Pet names for each other- honey, baby, sweetheart, darling-express an intimacy that you share with your partner alone. Do you ever see something in the store that you know they would absolutely love, and pick it up as a surprise? Bake special goodies or meals, keep a picture in your wallet or at work, or call just to say they were on your mind?

We often share our affection with our mates subconsciously. In other words, we are so in tune with our emotions that we don’t even think about how we act. It eventually comes as second nature when we do those meaningful little things to let our partners know how we feel time and time again.

Most likely, you have your own way of expressing your feelings in your relationship, thus keeping the spirit of Valentine’s Day alive all year. And to be honest, that will only help your relationship to flourish and grow!

Things you can do to keep your love alive all year long:

• Call at random, just to say they were on your mind or you miss them.

• Surprise them with love notes or send a love letter through the mail if you do not live together.

• Do things together that are not customary. Find new places to go together… a playground, a pumpkin patch, the zoo, the park…

• Be supportive of each other—be a good listener and know that you have a shoulder to cry on, too.

• Don’t just think about how much you care about your partner—tell him or her. Sharing your emotions verbally can strengthen your relationship.

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