Fun Baby Shower Games and Activities

If you are planning a baby shower want to keep the guests busy and the party interactive, consider planning some fun baby shower games and activities for everyone to enjoy. No matter if you are having a grand scale shower at a special venue or a more intimate shower at someone’s home, you can still find a great balance of baby shower activities and games to play with all the guests. Here are a few of our favorite baby shower games and activities.

Before you get started with this aspect of shower planning, remember that some baby shower activities require more advanced planning than others. That said, let’s take a look at some of the fun options out there to spice up your baby shower!

Onesie Decorating
Buy an assortment of plain onesies and a selection of puffy paint or fabric pens. Be sure to get different colored fabric markers or puffy paint and different sizes in the onesies. Set everything up on a table and allow guests to decorate the onesie of their choice with a fun saying or a pretty picture. Take digital pictures of guests with the onesies they created or have them put their name somewhere so the mom-to-be will know which artist created each design. Tip: You can also find plain maternity tank tops and t-shirts that guests can decorate as well!

Baby Shower Gift BINGO
Make up a blank BINGO card where guests can write in a different gift idea in each box. The center square is “free.” Give each table a few sheets of tiny stickers, BINGO markers, or regular markers so they can keep track of their correct answers. When any guest gets BINGO, you can offer that guest the prize of her choice. You can accept as many guests as you like. This can be a lot of fun with very little maintenance, and it will encourage great interaction as the more competitive guests get a little more vocal. Have fun!

String around the Belly
Let each guest cut a piece of yarn or string as long as they think the mom-to-be’s belly might be. Then use a real tape measure to measure around her tummy for the actual length. The guest or guests with the closest measurements win.

Guess How Many?
Place baby shower themed candy in a glass jar or vase and ask guests to guess how many pieces. Be sure you already know the answer! Tally up the votes and award the jar of candy to the guest with the closest guess. I’ve also seen this done with unwrapped tootsie rolls and a newborn diaper around the bottom of the glass jar. It all depends on your personal preferences and what you think the mom-to-be would like best.

Guess What Age?
Add a nice selection of photos of the mom-to-be to a piece of cardboard and label each photo with a number or letter. Give guests a sheet of paper with a “word bank” of ages and then have a list numbered or lettered the same as the images on the poster board. Guests have to guess how old the guest of honor was in each photo, and the guest with the most correct answers wins. Some pictures will be easier than others, for example, First Holy Communion, graduation, and possibly even wedding day. The guests who know the mom’s birthday will probably have the best shot at getting the most correct answers. For the benefit of your most special guests, try to include a few personal photos of the mom-to-be with her grandmother, best friend, husband, siblings, and other special friends and family members.

Baby Animal Trivia
Put together a worksheet with different animals and blank lines next to each. Have the guests guess the name of the animal’s baby; for example, joey for kangaroo, puppy for dog, kitten for cat. You can also ask a few random trivia questions about baby animals, such as the longest gestation, shortest gestation, and so forth. You can award a prize for the guest or guests with the most correct answers.

What other baby shower games and activities can you think of or which ones have you played or done at a shower recently? Share your favorites in our comments below so that all readers can benefit from the clever and creative ideas you’ve already experienced.


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