Weekend Beauty Ideas to Enjoy at Home or Away

Weekend Beauty IdeasThe weekend is a wonderful time to enjoy some “me time,” whether it’s dabbling in weekend beauty ideas just by yourself or time shared with some of your best girl friends. Weekend beauty ideas can be quick and simple or daring and quite involved. Here is a list of fun beauty ideas you can try on the weekend, no matter if you are at home or wanting to go out for the day to enjoy some pampering.

Weekend beauty ideas can fit any budget, from a simple at-home manicure or pedicure to an extravagant, daylong visit to the spa with your best friends. Before you get too involved in your beauty plans, first determine a budget and stick to it. You can also ask your friends to bring various supplies to cut down on costs, if you plan to try your weekend beauty ideas at home.

At-Home Weekend Beauty Ideas
Consider these fun and relaxing weekend beauty ideas you can enjoy in the comfort of your home:
•    Enjoy an at-home mani / pedi with a foot spa or tub for a nice foot soak.
•    Do your own nail art for your nails and your friends.
•    Try facial mud masques for a great way to invigorate your skin. Don’t forget the cucumber slices!
•    Make your own facial masques using natural ingredients, fruits, vegetables, and the like.
•    Take turns giving each other makeovers using your favorite makeup products.
•    Try a bold and daring new hair color using a box of hair dye at home.

Extravagant Weekend Beauty Ideas
Check out these beauty ideas for a weekend at the spa or other fun location:
•    Head to the salon to get your nails done – mani / pedi or whatever you like.
•    Get your hair and makeup done with a few close friends before going out on the town for girls’ night!
•    Sign up for massages and then grab a bite to eat once you are finished and feeling great.
•    Try one of the other spa treatments like professional facials or a body wrap.
•    Get a new haircut, hair color, or other style you can enjoy.

In addition to the fun weekend beauty activities above, you can also take the time to ensure your hair and makeup look perfect for whatever your weekend plans have in store. Consider darker eyeliner, sparkly eye shadow, and mascara that makes no mistake about your long and luxurious lashes. Finish your look with some lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick and voila – you are ready for a fun night out with the girls or with the guy of your dreams.

Weekends give you lots of time to primp and prep yourself for a fun evening or even a date with your sweetheart. If you are in the mood for some fun weekend beauty ideas, consider these above or share your favorite ideas in our comments below.


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