DIY Easter Egg Hunt at Home

DIY Easter Egg Hunt at HomeEaster time is sneaking up on us, along with the warmer weather and now even daylight savings time. Planning a DIY Easter egg hunt at home can be a great pastime for your family and especially for grandparents hosting their little grandsons and granddaughters. Your DIY Easter egg hunt can be custom designed to suit any budget and any number of egg hunters. Consider these tips to help you get started.

Before you get started on your Easter egg hunt with all the trimmings, first consider your guests of honor. You will need to choose appropriate Easter egg fillers like candy, money, small toys, chewing gum, and so forth, but you want to make sure you choose items that are age-appropriate, gender appropriate, and above all, safe. If you have a child with a peanut allergy or a chocolate allergy in attendance, it is best to avoid those allergens completely. No peanut butter cups, not even the Easter egg shaped ones. If you have young children attending who may still try to put things immediately in their mouths, you may want to avoid putting money in the eggs (quarters, etc.), as well as other small trinkets and toys.

Now that you have a good idea of who is coming and what kind of Easter egg prizes you should avoid, consider these tips to help you plan a fun and memorable Easter egg hunt at home.

•    Vary the sizes of the plastic Easter eggs to make it more interesting. Larger eggs can hold larger prizes, and smaller eggs can be fun because they can easily hide in smaller spaces. You can also hide really good prizes inside the smallest plastic eggs for a good trick on your egg hunt team.

•    Choose a selection of fun Easter egg fillers. To keep things interesting, you might want to include a variety of prizes, including candy, gum, money, small toys, and other trinkets. If you have older kids and still want to do the egg hunt, consider including items like lip balm or other makeup, gift cards, and other useful prizes.

•    Fill your plastic Easter eggs at least the night before your egg hunt. Filling the plastic eggs can be rather time consuming. Put on a good movie or cuddle up to watch your favorite show and fill up the Easter eggs at least one day before your hunt. If it is the night before your egg hunt, you can also hide the eggs as soon as you are comfortable doing so. That can also take some time – be sure to hide a few eggs in unlikely places, maybe inside the bathtub or the freezer.

•    Ensure fairness in groups. To keep things fair with multiple kids participating, give all participants the same number of eggs to find. It doesn’t have to matter if the eggs are big or small or a combination – simply encourage the kids to find exactly the right number of eggs so everyone gets the same number of prizes. If you want, you can award a separate prize for the person who gets done the egg hunt first.

•    Take lots of pictures. Once you’ve filled and hidden all the eggs and set the kids loose on the egg hunt, you can kick back, relax, and snap away as they romp through your home or outside if it’s nice enough.

In summary, the Easter egg hunt is a great tradition to enjoy with your family and extended family. Gather all the materials you’ll need – plastic eggs, candy, toys, trinkets, and money – and get all the pieces in place for your DIY Easter egg hunt. Your egg hunt is sure to become a great yearly or biyearly event the entire family can enjoy.


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