Top Spring Break Destinations for 2012

Top Spring Break Destinations for 2012Spring break is here! I could almost hear the students’ delighted “Yeah!”

It is time to set aside formulas, essays, and books for awhile, don sexy swimwear, and head for the beaches for the tan, the sun, and tons of fun. Cars and suitcases are packed, beaches are pinpointed on the map, and travellers are all set to enjoy some of the top spring break destinations for 2012.

Here are the places Yahoo pooled as top spring break destinations for this year. This could give you an idea on where to go to unwind and enjoy your free days during spring break 2012.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Though some vacationers say it is not as hot as Panama City Beach, Myrtle Beach is still a good destination for a vacation. You can enjoy quiet times on the beach, as there are not usually big crowds of spring breakers. If you are looking for a peaceful recluse away from the hustle and bustle with a little nightlife on the side, then this place may be perfect for you.

Panama City Beach
It is dubbed as one of the hottest destinations for out-of-towners, vacationing families, spring breakers and adventure-seekers. Not surprising, as its miles-long white shore and clear, emerald waters seem to beckon to all to come for a swim. And just recently, last March 6, 450 women in their bikinis in this same beach broke the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Bikini Parade.

Virginia Beach
This beach is listed as the longest pleasure beach of the world. One of Virginia Beach’s main attractions is its boardwalk, a three-mile long concrete path overlooking the ocean, lined with vast arrays of hotels, restaurants, museums, and landmarks. If you’re a person who loves sightseeing and leisure-walking, check this place out for spring break 2012.

Daytona Beach
This popular Florida destination boasts 23 miles of long, sandy beaches with spring break as a long running tradition. Daytona Beach also offers budget-friendly accommodations for students and it is quite accessible whether by land or by air.

Santa Cruz Beach
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the famed landmark in this place – an amusement park by the ocean, founded in 1907. It is California’s oldest and one of the few located along the shore in the West Coast territory, a worthy place to visit. But a simple swim in the sea is another story and only for the gutsy as the beach is characterized by huge waves, the likes fit for surfing.

Miami Beach
Want to spend your spring break meeting a lot of people, having a great time at the beach, with an overload of nightlife and a chance to bump into a few of those glamorous stars you only see on TV? Then Miami Beach is the place for you. Make your spring break 2012 vacation unforgettable with a trip to Miami and all its hotspots.

Huntington Beach
The place is dubbed as “Surf City, USA,” as the beach is nicely suited for surfing. The mild climate also prevails in the area, so spring breakers must expect a not-so-hot climate during their stay.

Clearwater Beach
This place is known for its Beach Walk, a pedestrian zone lined with hotels and condos as well as shops and restaurants. The walk was a beautification project recently finished in 2008. Great nightlife is something you can find in this beach, as well as the Philadelphia Phillies spring training camp or nearby Tampa for the Yankees if you are into baseball.

Cocoa Beach
This beach boasts of being the small wave capital of the world and is a good spot for those learning to surf. Cocoa Beach offers a lot of fun activities during spring break, such as trying on water sports and sightseeing through airboat rides. You can also enjoy a relaxing stroll, beachcombing, and sports in the sand.

Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach boasts of pristine beaches and awesome views as all of its beaches and coves are marine-protected areas. If you want to try surfing, diving, tide pooling, and skin boarding, then this is the perfect spring break 2012 destination.

The catch is, not only college students are looking to have a break this spring. Yahoo revealed that of those who have recently searched for spring break spots, 20% of these are men aged 45-54! All work and no play makes a dull life, so more people should take the initiative and get away for a nice break this spring.


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