2012 Wedding Dress and Color Trends

2012 wedding dress and color trendsWe’re already well into closing the first quarter of the year, and that only means one thing: Spring and summer collections will be at their height a few weeks from now. So if you’re a spring or a summer bride (or wishing to be one someday or for your wedding), you may want to read on for more juice on 2012 wedding dress trends.

Spring and summer 2012 will be all about bright colors. Drawing inspiration from fruits, flowers, sand, and sea, wedding color trends will be having this cheerful vibe to them. We’ve listed wedding varieties according to the formality and how to choose a wedding gown in keeping with the latest trends.

For formal weddings, we have the traditional, evening, and black tie weddings. While the recommended dress code is strictly adhered to, brides are still free to move about in choosing the designs and colors of their wedding gowns.

Traditional, Evening, and Black Tie Weddings
Black tie weddings and traditional weddings typically require white to be paired with another color, usually black. Sheer necklines would most definitely be something to look out for. Ever since the paparazzi snapped pictures of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, the world suddenly had an interest in wedding gowns with lace sleeves and cover-ups. These reflect the conservative and elegant nature of this ultra formal type of wedding.

Semi-Formal Weddings
Semi-formal weddings call for a simpler silhouette and a wedding dress with lesser embellishments. Satin, chiffon, and silk are your safest fabrics. In addition, multi-tiered skirts, capelets, and sexy backs are all going to be big hits among brides. There is a little more leg room for them to choose the color as well. Light, airy pastels such as rose, blush, gray, and peach all fall within the range of colors brides can consider for semi-formal weddings.

Day and Afternoon Weddings
Day and afternoon weddings call for wedding themes with bright colors. So, like semi-formal, casual, and destination weddings, brides are free to transition from wearing white to cream, blush, or any other light color. Since day and afternoon weddings have a light atmosphere, brides are free to cut their hemlines short, say tea-length, or keep them long enough to reach the ground. Birdcage veils are quite popular among this type of wedding as well. Long veils seem to be too much for a day or afternoon wedding, so future wives like to stick to birdcage veils with dramatic makeup underneath.

Casual and Destination Weddings
Casual weddings and destination weddings provide the most options for brides when it comes to wedding dresses. In these types of weddings, themes may vary from creative ones such as yacht weddings to wacky ones such as those inspired by cartoon characters. Casual weddings allow brides to be more flexible, giving them the liberty to wear knee-high dresses or colored wedding dresses.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a second time bride, choosing a wedding dress is always a difficult hurdle. However, one thing to keep in mind is to wear what you feel best in, and let all eyes fall on you and your husband.


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  1. What color themes can I consider for a mature “Garden” wedding. I am 36 and my fiancee’ is 40…. Any suggestions

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  2. Please kindly advice color themes I can use for a wedding of a 36 year old bride to be and a 40 year Groom to be. Its a kind of Mature People’s wedding…..

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