Spring 2012 Hot Makeup Colors for Eyes

Spring 2012 Hot Makeup Colors and Trends for EyesSpring makeup is more about feeling and looking fresh, light, and dewy. After all, it’s the season of bright colors. Taking inspiration from the blossoms, makeup for spring 2012 is going to go back to the basics and the naturals. Hot colors for the eyes include lilacs, aqua, cockatoo, pinks, and neutrals. Take a look on what to expect with our preview of spring 2012 hot makeup colors for eyes.

Barely There

Perhaps the most natural looking makeup is one where you’d have a difficult time distinguishing whether or not a person really is made-up. This is the aim of barely-there makeup. Eye makeup would focus more on taupe, tan, or bronze. Typically, eyeliners create a more dramatic look. Taylor Swift is a good example of someone using barely there makeup, sticking to winged eyeliners.

One unusual trend to look out for is a glossy eye makeup over matte skin, as seen in runways for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. This texture can be achieved by using cream-based eye shadows over a matte foundation. Shimmers have the same effect as well, but remember to stick to a nude shade if you’re going for this look.


Nothing spells romantic more than pink. That slight blush over the cheeks is best complimented by a light sweep of coral or peach on the eyes, followed by a very light highlighter in the brow bones and at the inner corners of the eyes. Long eyelashes also have the same romantic effect. In fact, great mascara even enhances the look when paired with romantic eyes. So feel free to brush up your eyelashes. Maybelline Great Lash or a similar product offering length and volume would do the trick for you.


If you are all for partying like a rock star this season, you will definitely enjoy the bright splash of colors that you will find in magazine editorials. If you look closely, you’ll find them similar to peacock colors –   greens, yellows, purples, and blues – only in lighter shades. These are cockatoos, lilacs, and margaritas. If you wish to enhance your eye color, go for ones that truly pop.

For blue eyes, corals and yellows will make your eyes bluer than blue. Hazel eyes, or those with brown eyes, would do well in shades of green such as lime. Here’s a hint: Go over the color wheel, and the colors that lie opposite to your eye color will compliment your peepers. M.A.C. has a very broad range of colors, and it remains one of our favorite lines of makeup.


Glam colors such as gold and bronze will always have a place in a glamazon’s heart. Gold and bronze eye makeup work their magic after a good tan, so be sure to stock up on it right after spending a day out for a picnic or a trip to the beach. They are also universal colors for spring in the way that they go well with other bright and even shocking colors. Leave the smoky eye for now, and stick to bronze and gold eyes. Smoky eye will look out of place this season; save it for fall.


Earth tones are always a keeper. Brown, tan, beige, and ash will go with a nude theme of makeup. Better still, they’ll serve as a blank canvas for you to be able to make other parts of your face pop. If you’re looking to put focus on your lips or your cheeks, then donning earth tones is a great idea.


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