Basic Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning ChecklistSpringtime is finally just about here and there’s no better time to get your house cleaned up than right now. You can tackle a great number of spring cleaning tasks when the weather first gets nice, and some of the tasks you can even take care of on a rainy day. Here is a spring cleaning checklist we’ve prepared with some of our very favorite chores to tackle in the early spring.

Before you get started on your spring cleaning, you may want to make your own Spring Cleaning To-Do list and review it for any materials you may need to buy. Be sure you have plenty of paper towels and cleaners, household wipes, and other cleaning necessities.

To fully tackle your spring cleaning, you should make a specific list for each room. In the meantime, here are some of the top spring cleaning tasks you can focus on this spring:

•    Empty out your kitchen cabinets, wipe them down, and reorganize everything. Find better ways to put everything back in so you have a neater kitchen.

•    Clean the inside and outside of all your appliances. Clean out your fridge of any old foods or condiments and wipe down all the drawers and shelves. Clean your oven and stove top. Wipe down the microwave. You get the idea.

•    Go through your pantry and get rid of any expired food. Organize everything so that you can always find what you’re looking for – keep the pastas together, the canned goods, soups, snacks, drinks, and so forth.

•    Clean the windows. No one likes this job, but if you are going to let any fresh air in your home, you might as well do it through clean windows. Open each window and swap out the storm windows for screens if you have them. Wipe down all the trim and windowsills as well as the inside tracks of the windows. Use Windex to clean any glass surfaces. Don’t forget any sliders or French doors!

•    Give your tile and hardwood floors a good cleaning. You can really brighten up a room with a shiny, clean floor.

•    Vacuum, sweep, dust, and generally straighten all the rooms in your house. Take the time to ensure each room looks its best from top to bottom. Check the corners of the ceiling for any cobwebs and check underneath furniture for any dust bunnies.

•    Clean out and organize your garage, basement, attic, and/or shed. Springtime is a great time to organize, de-clutter, and put everything back together. You’ll feel so much better once your home is organized and neat.

•    Tackle some yard work. Whether you want to get your beds ready for flowers or this year’s plantings or if you simply want to clear away anything left from last fall or the winter, this is a great time of year to get your yard looking great. You can also clean off patio furniture, and clean your grill, for starters.

•    Wipe down cabinets, walls, baseboards, light fixtures, and other surfaces. These surfaces get dusty over time and they can even collect dust bunnies and bugs here and there. Consider unscrewing any dome-style light fixtures to clear out any dust or bugs that may have gotten inside.

Some other good tasks to do around the house in the springtime may require you to bring a contractor or service company to your home. You may want to look into getting your vents cleaned out and replacing air filters (especially if you have spring allergies – be sure to get an allergy specific filter for your home). These are just a few examples – speak with your family members to see what other tasks you may need to tackle this spring.

To ensure you hit all your bases, take a look at your house one room at a time. Some rooms will have special needs as compared to other rooms. Your kitchen and bathrooms may present the biggest challenges while bedrooms may be a simpler task overall. It really depends on where you want to focus and what cleaning and organizing needs you currently have.

Please feel free to share any tips or other suggestions in our comments below!


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