Springtime Nail Art Designs

Spring nail art designsSpring is not only the most colorful season of the year, but it is also the most awaited in the fashion calendar. Why? It’s because it signifies a new year of colors, trends, and designs that will grace the streets of New York, Milan, Barcelona, and Paris. More often than not, people tend to focus on the clothes and the makeup just because these are the things that easily get their attention. Little do they know that some of the trends on the runway can actually be applicable to springtime nail art ideas. Here are a few examples of what you can do with this year’s trends and translate them into pretty spring nails.

You will need nail polish (OPI has a variety that you will fall in love with), nail art pens (you could also use a toothpick or a really tiny paintbrush), paper towels or a napkin to put your hands over so that you avoid making a mess, nail polish remover, Q-tips, and a clear topcoat to finish.

The easiest thing to do is to go plain. Use this season’s colors to match your spring wardrobe as well. I guarantee you that you will look put-together. Use Pantone colors such as cockatoo, driftwood, solar power, margarita, and cabaret.

Color Block
1.    Paint your nails in your desired base color. Let it dry.

2.    Use a more striking set of colors for the color blocks. Use a masking tape to create divisions on your nails if you’re really poor at drawing straight lines. You can combine spring colors like margarita with cabaret and driftwood, or cockatoo with solar power. Let the coat dry. Here’s an example of a color block attempt.

3.    Apply a clear topcoat to finish.

1.    Paint your nails in your desired spring nail polish base color. Let it dry.

2.    Using a toothpick, nail art pen, or a paintbrush dipped in another color and draw a line from one end of your nail to the other. Create lines in a variety of widths to make it more interesting. Take a look at this attempt to give yourself a visual.

3.    Apply a clear topcoat to finish.

1.    Paint your nails in your desired base color. Let it dry.

2.    Open up a variety of colors and make sure that the brush is easy to lift. You will need to be quick in applying each color onto your nails.

3.    Apply the first color in one stroke. Before it dries, quickly apply another color and make sure that it overlaps part of the first color so that it blends. Do this with all the colors that you want to use until you fully cover the nail. Let it dry. Take a look at this attempt to paint a sunset inspired nail.

4.    Apply a clear topcoat to finish.

1.    Apply a metallic base coat. Orly Luxe is a great shade for this. Let it dry. If you want to put a spring theme into this previous spring nail art favorite, use a spring pantone color.

2.    With a very careful and precise finger, paint over the nail with a darker shade, leaving a crescent moon at the base of the nail. Think of it as a reverse French tip, because that’s what it looks like. Let it dry. Take a look at this pretty one. If you have a hand that’s quite a bit shaky, you can put on a piece of tape that’s cut out in a crescent shape on the base of your nail and remove it once the darker coat dries.

3.    Apply a clear top coat to finish. You may want to try one that has a matte finish to enhance the look.

These spring nail designs are inspired from the latest trends that hit the runway during the Spring/Summer 2012 shows. Ruffian, however, was inspired by the designer who used it on his models in his Spring 2010 collection during the New York Fashion Week. Spring nail colors add so much to your look, no matter what you wear. Have you tried these spring nail art techniques? What other ideas do you have for your nails this season? Share it with us in the comments below.


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