Creative Cocktails and Alcoholic Drinks for Easter Brunch

White Sangria for Easter brunchEaster brunch is a popular spin on hosting this springtime holiday for friends and family. From croissants with ham or turkey and egg to casseroles and quiche, the Easter brunch meal possibilities are almost endless. Don’t forget to dress up your Easter brunch with a few fun Easter cocktail ideas for your family and friends to enjoy. You can certainly enjoy Mimosas, but why settle for something so common when you can mix up some great alcoholic beverages for Easter!

Here are a few spring and Easter cocktails to try this year for your Easter brunch celebration.

Spring Melon

Spring Melon Cocktail for EasterIngredients:
2 ½ oz VOGA Sparkling
1 oz vodka
1 oz Midori melon liquor
Lime juice from 1 lime

1.    In a shaker, combine ice, vodka and lime juice.
2.    Stir gently and strain into a chilled rocks glass.
3.    Top with VOGA Sparkling and garnish with lemon or lime slice.

Sparkling Pineapple

Sparkling Pineapple Cocktail for EasterIngredients:
2 oz of vodka
4 oz VOGA Sparkling
Lime juice from 1 lime
Top with pineapple juice and fresh pineapple

1.    In a shaker, mix vodka and lime juice.
2.    Pour in glass and top with VOGA Sparkling, pineapple juice and fresh pineapple.

VOGA’s Easter Sangria

Easter Sangria for brunchIngredients:
2 bottles of VOGA Italia Moscato Wine
3 oz. Triple Sec
2 sliced cucumbers
2 cups of seedless green grapes
1 sliced Granny Smith apple
1 sliced lemon
1 sliced lime
1/2 liter club soda

1.    Pour wine in a pitcher or bowl and add sliced cucumber, apple, lemon and lime.
2.    Next add triple sec and stir gently.
3.    Cover and chill from 2-24 hours (the longer, the better!)
4.    Before serving, top with club soda.
5.    Stir gently and serve over ice.

Makes about 15 servings.

(Recipes courtesy of VOGA Italia Wine…)

Easter Punch Ideas
You can also try a traditional punch recipe that is alcoholic or even a nonalcoholic punch to satisfy your younger (or pregnant!) guests. Try mixing Sprite, 7Up or Ginger Ale with Hawaiian Punch and top with a few generous scoops of rainbow sherbet. This delicious nonalcoholic Easter punch recipe will be great for all the little ones and anyone who isn’t ready for a cocktail just yet.

If you wish to make a fancy Easter punch that is alcoholic, consider adding a fruity liquor like coconut rum, triple sec, or peach schnapps to the punch bowl. Be sure to label it so no little ones partake. You can also float slices of orange, maraschino cherries, and other yummy fruit pieces for a pretty and picture-perfect Easter punch.

What other cocktails do you enjoy around the Easter holiday? Please feel free to share any ideas in our comments below!


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