Spring 2012 Hot Nail Polish Colors and Trends for Nails

Spring 2012 Nail Polish Trend #3: Patterns, Metallics, Minx Nails, and Glitter
If you are in the mood for something daring and edgy from the other side of the spectrum, consider patterned nails or bold metallics, Minx nails, or manicures and pedicures with glitter galore. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to spring 2012 nails in the world of glitz and glamour. Keep the Ruffian manicure in mind, as well as the patterned nail stickers as an at-home alternative to salon professional Minx manicures.

If you are feeling especially crafty, try your luck with geometric patterns, color blocking, and other hand-painted nail art designs that you can enjoy all spring and well into the summertime. The Capitol Colours Hunger Games Collection from China Glaze offers an attractive set of metallics and bold earth tones like Stone Cold (a steely gray), Riveting (a sparkling tangerine), and Agro (a glimmering green). The Capitol Colours Hunger Games Collection from China Glaze is available at Amazon.com and ULTA Beauty, retailing for $7 per bottle.

Spring 2012 Nail Polish Trend #4: Posh Pastels
Pretty yet sophisticated pastel hues also make the list of popular nail polish colors for spring 2012. Look for colors that aren’t quite in the Easter egg family. Instead, opt for pistachios, lavenders, buttery yellows, and muted blues and corals. You can mix and match your spring manicure and pedicure colors for a two-toned look as well, choosing light lavender and pairing it with dark amethyst or navy blue accents, or other fun nail color combinations.

For a pairing of mini nail polishes, consider mark’s miniature nail polish duo, Violet Daze and Tickled Pink. The dark, sparkly purple hue fits nicely with the metallic trends as well as the brights for spring, while the lighter Tickled Pink shade fits with the pastels for the season. I received a set of Violet Daze and Tickled Pink and found them a gorgeous pairing for spring. I painted my toes in the dark purple shade and my fingernails in the lighter pinkish, purple shade for a look that lives up to the feelings of spring. I recommend using two coats of either color for your mani or pedi, or even painting your nails all one color and using the other shade for accents like stripes, a single stripe, polka dots, plaid, or another fun design. This two-pack of mini nail colors by mark (entitled nailed it TREND) retails for $7.

Spring 2012 Nail Polish Trend #5: Gel Nails
A hot nail salon trend for current manicures and pedicures is the gel nails craze. This salon option gives women a more elegant and long-lasting choice when it comes to their manis and pedis.

“All the new trends in the nail industry follow right in the steps of the nail polish colors,” says Natasha Polikov of Marina and I Salon. “I am, of course, talking about gel nails and their colors. More and more clients using gel products for their nails are interested in color. Many of the gel colors (or gel polishes) match the colors of the polishes almost one for one. And the benefits of using gel products for the nails are endless, including two to three weeks or more in between manis! It gives us a freedom that all of us busy women of today need so much.”


We hope you enjoyed our spring 2012 hot nail color preview. Please feel free to share any of your favorite nail polish tips and trends or color combinations in our comments below.

About the Experts:
Natasha Polikov came from Belarus in 1980 with her parents and sister Marina. She attended Ippoliti’s School of Cosmetology and followed her love for nails. In 1990, Natasha and her sister opened Marina and I Salon. She’s a Master Educator and Distributor for Luxe Beauty Solutions training nail techs for gels.


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